"The Neptunian" by Petra Šabić, Mixed Media on Canvas
"The Neptunian" by Petra Šabić, Mixed Media on Canvas
"The Neptunian" by Petra Šabić, Mixed Media on Canvas

"The Neptunian" by Petra Šabić, Mixed Media on Canvas

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70'' X 55''

Mixed Media on Canvas

Original Art Work


Artist statement:

Paintings are often before anything else, a black canvas filled with scattered energy of chaos a rhythm of pure sign. In this sense, the membranes of the canvas become the meeting places of the inner and the outer, the meeting of the destructive and the creative..., and the space of the painting is understood as a changing substance. The forms that live in the space and tissue of the image are subsystems of a more complex model that function on their own, but also as a whole. As I see it, painting is a tool of thought and a research practice. If you think that there is an unusual code with which reality is written and through which we have an insight, then there must me some moments when there's a glitch in a reality. These moments are captured as artistic situations on canvas. This is the ultimate meeting of the destructive and creative and the painting is understood as a integrity of polarity within Unity.

The works are visual representations of recorded ideas about the decomposition of meaning about oneself and the cosmos as a single whole of enigmatic character and further the decomposition of the elusiveness of the interpretation of visual invocations within the space of the image or the question of self-reference in art. F.W.J. Schelling once claimed that „the only true organon is art“ so in the end the question arises as to how to „discover the truth of the being itself, and not to collapse the whole edifice of the Self in which that truth is contained, even if such a destructive venture ultimately produces the much desired self. Or, to use the well-known metaphor of the onion shell, what if by removing one shell at a time we reach nothingness, that is, madness, and realize that the layer of deposited lies/defenses is what ultimately formed our substance.” (Ž. Matijašević, A century of fragile self: Psychoanalysis, society, culture; Zagreb, 1996, p. 101)


PETRA ŠABIĆ; Zagreb, Croatia

Petra Šabić was born in Zagreb in 1995. and completed the Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2016 and went on to obtain a Master in Fine Arts at the Art Culture Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, majoring in Art education and painting winning the award of the Academic Council of the Academy of Fine Arts for the most successful graduates of ac. yr. 2018./2019. She is the winner of special Honors from the Academic Council of the Academy of Fine Arts for successful work in the ac. yr. 2016/2017. She is also the winner of the Rector's Award of The University of Zagreb in ac. yr. 2017/2018 for the project „Cycle of creative and artistic workshops UMMA“.

She participated in various educational and art projects including the „Mediterranean Scientific Conference – Educational Systems and Social Changes: Challenges and Opportunities“ and the project in memory of Edo Murtić known as „Edo Murtić Days“. Her illustrations were included in publication for national literary competition known as „Lapis histriae“ in 2020 and her paintings were exhibited as a scenography for a series of concerts in the program of Zagreb Academy of Music and Croatian Music Institute. She also made illustrations for the first edition of illustrated „Dictionary of foreign words Bratoljub Klaić“ followed by a collective exhibition in „Centre for Culture Trešnjevka“ in Zagreb and „Ulična galerija“ in Belgrade in Serbia. She has exhibited in various collective exhibitions including art fairs such as Art Zagreb for two years in a row, at Lauba House for People and Art, Croatian Association of Artists known as Meštrović Pavillion, Shira Gallery (Zagreb), Forum Gallery and many others. Her first solo exhibition was in 2017 and since then she exhibited in many various collective, individual and international exhibitions including exhibition „Memories 5“ in India and „Memories 8“ in Vietnam.

Currently she is a MA student at Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She is a memer of Croatian Association of Artists since 2019. She is living and working in Zagreb.