Why by Jacek Jasiniak, Mixed Media on Canvas
Why by Jacek Jasiniak, Mixed Media on Canvas
Why by Jacek Jasiniak, Mixed Media on Canvas

Why by Jacek Jasiniak, Mixed Media on Canvas

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39 x 39

Original Artwork

Wood, Threads, Jutas Net, Acrylic Colours


I have been drawing and painting since my childhood. But the path of my professional career may seem a little bit surprising. I work as a dental surgeon. That’s my job. 
But since 2017, the year I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in the Department of Painting, I’ve started considering myself as an artist, too. So when people ask me “what do you do for a living?” – I answer – “Actually, I’m a doctor, well a dentist”.  But when they ask about my passion I often respond – “I love painting. Actually, I’m a painter”. 
As far as my art is concerned I have been searching for the relationships between the sense of imagination and the real world and how to catch up that link, the thread that connects the imaginary and the real.  Creativity plays a crucial role in my art and the way of expression – it becomes my personal way of discovering the truth about myself,  my own identity as an artist and a human, as well as my personal way of communication with the world around me. The role of intuition is very important to me, the elements of surprise, absurdity and nonsense play important role, too. In my works I combine various materials and techniques to convey in a most straightforward and honest way, often ambiguous, the imaginary content.


Stanisław Tabisz  –  the Rector of the The Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) in Krakow

…The 20th century, through its courage and breaking all the classic rules, generated Abstractionism, Tachism, Surrealism, the aforementioned Matter Painting, Pop Art, Hyperrealism, Conceptualism as well as the remarkable work of the great giants such as Pablo Picasso and Francis Bacon. And Jacek Jasiniak, consciously or not, refers to this heritage. The expressiveness and confidence in handling different structures of material, enhanced by the magic of color - are the strengths of Jacek Jasiniak's work. …He is highly vigorous in action, he saturates his paintings with colors which are sometimes extremely contrasting and becomes decisive when juxtaposing the surfaces and the main areas of a painting…