"When I Think About You" by Dawn Siler, Acrylic  on Canvas
"When I Think About You" by Dawn Siler, Acrylic  on Canvas
"When I Think About You" by Dawn Siler, Acrylic  on Canvas

"When I Think About You" by Dawn Siler, Acrylic on Canvas

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Acrylic  on Canvas

Original Art Work




Website: www.dawnsilerart.com

Dawn Siler

Dawn Siler is an abstract artist who lives and works in Irving, Texas.  A native of Philadelphia, PA her colorful paintings are a continuation of her personal interest in meditation and the unconscious mind.  Having studied at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where she concentrated on music video production, her sense of space and visual awareness broadened.  A diverse career followed, but painting - a love that was largely self-learned - became Siler’s outlet for intellectual and creative self-expression.  Her paintings demonstrate a kind of automatic writing. Inspired by the work of Lee Krasner, Jean Michel Basquiat, and Jackson Pollock, her work is closely tied to the spiritual in art.  Color, line, layers, drawn into patterning, and a floral palette saturates the canvas.  Intensity, rhythm and improvisation abound.  Her work possesses a raw unfiltered sensibility that speaks loudly, clearly and expressively.  Ever evolving, Siler’s bold and colorful compositions are visual poetry, weaving tales of universal & spiritual elements; constructs on her life’s journey.


I really can’t stand muted colors and will unequivocally stand firm on my conviction.  I know that’s a strong statement to make, but the older I get the more transparent I become.  I believe that we should live with objects that bring us joy and speak to us on a spiritual level.  The brilliant colors and energy in my work reaffirm my own psychological and mystical truths.  My ultimate goal however, is to create, create, create paintings that bring peace, tranquility, and contentment to the places we call home.