"Weightlessness/Air II" by Petra Schott, Oil on Canvas
"Weightlessness/Air II" by Petra Schott, Oil on Canvas
"Weightlessness/Air II" by Petra Schott, Oil on Canvas

"Weightlessness/Air II" by Petra Schott, Oil on Canvas

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59.05" X 39.37"

Oil on Canvas

Original Art Work



Instagram: @petra.scott.art

Website: www.petra-schott.de

Petra Schott

I was born in Germany in 1953, studied fine arts in Kassel/ Germany and started taking part in exhibitions nationally and internationally as of 1993. I am is part of the national association of professional artists (BBK) and of the national association of professional female artists (GEDOK).

I started painting in my twenties and then was fascinated by the human figure, faces and landscapes. In my paintings I always tried to bring together what I saw, what I felt and what was fascinating me in this specific subject. I experimented with all mediums, from aquarelle colours, acrylics, egg tempera with pigments to oil colours. For a long time I was part of a private life drawing class. I still draw my inspiration from nature, particularly during this year dominated by Covid, where nature is a consolation. However, it is never a transfer of what I see into my painting. It always is a sort of translation into what it means for me.

My works revolves around visions, ideas and emotions in past and presence in a figurative-abstract way. I search for freedom, lightness, liveliness and intensity. My studio is a space of experiment, pleasure, frustration and new beginnings. I love to listen to music to come to that moment where intuition and creative process can start to flow. I like to work with bigger canvases, but I also develop my themes on paper or on small canvasses.

Painting for me has become the way of expressing myself and exploring a world which cannot be explored by words. I feel inspired by colours and shapes and lines found in my everyday life. I take them up and transpose them into the more abstract language of painting expressing myself by oscillating between figuration and abstraction. I love these situations of 'in between' never fully revealing their secrets.