Voice of the Archives by Ruvell Saylon, Mixed Media on Canvas
Voice of the Archives by Ruvell Saylon, Mixed Media on Canvas

Voice of the Archives by Ruvell Saylon, Mixed Media on Canvas

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24 x 24

Original Artwork

Acrylics, Molding Paste, Polymer, Spray Paint on Canvas


Ruvell A. Saylon was born in 1968, raised in Los Angeles County of Southern California,  now resides in rural Northern Michigan. Drawing and creating art at very young age, mesoamerican art, culture, and history were a major influence in his work throughout his life. As years and stages passed, his style evolved.  Moving from figure drawing, portraiture in oils, intensity draw works in ballpoint  pen and watercolor, studies of  nature, and landscapes, his move from urban life to the country several years ago cultivated his innate drive to search deeper into self awareness and piqued his already present curiosity of origin, evaluation, the human, as he found himself further embraced by the ethereal beauty of the woods and unencumbered nature. Witness to the subtle yet unmistakable patterns within its beauteous scapes as they reappear perpetually among the vastness yet within their separate forms guided Ruvell to this new body of work. The geometric shapes serves as a conceptual platform to understanding of messages these patterns hold by implementing them into  action on canvas. Through instinct and experimentation came Hard edge, the methods of tapping intermingled with the use of construction tools to move paint and to create texture with multiple mediums - Molding paste, polymer, Spray  paint, acrylics, ceramics, cardstock - led to his unique creations. 
 This work is a meticulous array of processes but the main objective of the paintings are the relationship created between him and each piece, working with the forms as it unfolds just as organically as Nature. Not ever knowing the outcome of any of his works, intuitive interaction combined with knowledge of ancient symbolic forms and the mind, result in a painting that gradually evolves and reveals its intention as each layer is placed, the journey bringing to fruition a multitude of meanings and interpretations in abstraction.