"Violets Bouquet" By Xusca Sole, Digital Art

"Violets Bouquet" By Xusca Sole, Digital Art

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20" x 24"

Original Artwork 

American citizen, born in Torredembarra, Catalonia (Spain), May 24- 1960.

Studied with scholarships BA, Diploma in Fine Arts by the University Of Barcelona. She was pioneer using computer graphics & like artistic expression in early 80", starting the Digital Art revolution.

Moved to New York in 1988, cursed continued education at Pratt Manhattan Institute & New York University, working hard in restaurants got the Green Card, also brief periods as Substitute Teacher, for the NY Board Of Education. Published author in several Anthologies.

She has done numerous exhibitions -group & solo- in Cultural Centers, Galleries & Museums.

Copyrighted her work in Washington, stating Xusca Sole is the creator of "Auraism", which is much more than the last art style, "everything is/has aura or electromagnetic energy", "aura is the Divine link, that unifies all in the entire Universe".