Vessel by Kim, Sun-Young, Bronze
Vessel by Kim, Sun-Young, Bronze
Vessel by Kim, Sun-Young, Bronze

Vessel by Kim, Sun-Young, Bronze

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13 x 14 x 3

Original Artwork




The last exhibition of the year starts warm.
7 leading artists in Korea, unique painters and sculptors in New York and Los Angeles join to communicate the grace of their special art world in jade, bronze, rice paper, oriental paint and ink, oil and acrylic painting, and collage.
We invite you to a wonderful exhibition that connects Korea, New York, and Los Angeles. 10% of sales of these works will be donated to the Boas Foundation, which has been serving Syracuse refugees for 14 years.
They will give you the excitement of December and the grace of this year.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Artist Statement:

The most important things are not seen easily.

What are you trying to see?

A person’s sight makes things into images by bringing the person’s individual experience. Thus, what is seen might not be the intrinsic nature of the subject.

My job is body exploration. It is the body that connotes the physical body, spirit, and soul. It includes thinking, wishing, experiencing, seeing, and things that cannot be perceived but exist…

The works made of materials that are resin, crystal, trees, and other objets are the shapes of bag, ring, clothes, and others. As media to express the body, they symbolize human desire. And the works have tags attached. These tags can be seen on general products, and contain product information such as materials, cautions in handling, and the area of production. In my works they use bible as the material. The color of the works is mostly the flesh color of Asians, and all of them contain salt (marble).

Salt, which does not change forever, prevents decomposition, functions as purification, and one of the essential elements composing a human body, also gives taste to food. Here, it exists by melting itself. It does not appear and is not seen in the eye, but it humbly and faithfully stays in food. Such function and symbolism is the topic my works pursue.

Like a bag is used differently as a book bag, money bag, and weapon bag depending on what it contains, a human body is also the same. Its value is determined according to whether it contains love, hatred, or desire.

‘….love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control….’Through my works, I hope to invite people to the space of absolute truth that exists in me. Also, I wish to share it together, be happy, enjoy, and console each other.