The Journey by Gabriel Rosendo, Acrylic on Canvas
The Journey by Gabriel Rosendo, Acrylic on Canvas
The Journey by Gabriel Rosendo, Acrylic on Canvas

The Journey by Gabriel Rosendo, Acrylic on Canvas

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27 x 67"

Original Artwork 


Gabriel Rosendo  was born on 1991 in Maracaibo, Venezuela, inside a family of artists, surrounded by the artworks of his parents and of their friends, from whom Gabriel will take a figurative influence in his work. After graduating in the National Arts School  "Julio Árraga" receiving the award of "Merit to Artistic Talent" in 2009,  he began studying Fine Arts in the Experimental Art´s Collage (FEDA, L.U.Z.) where he started experimenting with drawing and collage over influence of the surreal artist Jose Ramon Sanchez.

In his line of work Gabriel investigated chaos and disorder, on how mixing different media and supports in a consonant unity. Resulting in his first individual exhibition in the Museum "Lía Bermudez CAM LB" called "Todos los Sueños Robados" in 2013 Then the struggle in political situation of Venezuela awakened another constant theme in his work, movement, and the contained violence of a moment. Interested in the possibilities of giving an image time and space, how different moments could happen at once, investigating about transformation, on  how opposite materials and media could blend with another and still preserve their identity. Converging in a second individual exhibition called "Nuestra Ingesta" in "Museo de Bellas Artes Ateneo de Maracaibo" a midst of 2015.

During 2016 Gabriel started an academic drawing formation on "ACAM" where he developed a profound admiration for the human anatomy. Another big influence In Gabriel´s work was Francisco Hung, gaining much interest in the strength, freedom and swiftness of the lines in Chinese drawing. The result of both processes were his participation with drawings in an collective exhibition in Shanghai, China called " Latyn Style Artworks from Italy & South America" in the Wu Tong Art Gallery

In 2017 Gabriel began a commercial relationship with the gallery "Art-Noveu" and participate on a collective exhibition with them called "Apertura"

In present time because of the difficult situation in Venezuela, Gabriel had to migrate to Argentina. That have been a reflexive investigation and research space for new forms and creative expression tools product of the cultural exchange he found.