“Sunset” By Olga Verasen, Mixed Media on Canvas
“Sunset” By Olga Verasen, Mixed Media on Canvas
“Sunset” By Olga Verasen, Mixed Media on Canvas

“Sunset” By Olga Verasen, Mixed Media on Canvas

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13" x 11"

Original Artwork 

Mixed Media on Canvas 

Artist, writer, and screenwriter. Happy wife, mother of three, and grandmother of two.

Author of fairy tales, scripts for children’s TV and radio programs, and screenplays. Creator of 160 artworks for private collections in 10 countries with over 20 author’s exhibitions. In paintings and illustrations, Olga uses her unique multilayer technique. Bright colors reflect light to support the inner world's harmony with life's energy.

Olga says, “Every picture has a story and each color has a special energy. Sometimes we forget about "What" colors we have and "Why" we have them in our life. Sometimes we are busy and forget our unity with Nature. But we can always look around with a smile, feel the sun, and make better choices.

I pick up a brush, coated it with color, and listen to what my heart wanted to say. It is like an amazing river of Life flowing through me. I just follow the strong current of this river and share with you Life's wisdom, beauty, and strength from my Heart to your Heart."

Each of these words comes from Olga’s life experience. She was born and grew up in the Far East in the Soviet Union before moving to Belarus. She started to paint and write during her early childhood. Even when she had difficult times, paper and pencil were always with her . . .
Now Olga, and her lovely husband Joff, live in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Olga says, "Creativity gave me the Master Position to create my life from the strength, freedom, love, and beauty in my heart."

Olga continues her creative way from her Heart to your Heart with love in unity with Nature.