Subway by Nanok, Oil on Canvas
Subway by Nanok, Oil on Canvas

Subway by Nanok, Oil on Canvas

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12 x 12

Original Artwork


My art name and signature is ‘NANOK.’  This nickname given me by a dear Kurdish man means ‘little piece of bread.’

I paint oils either on canvas or board. They are called Whimsies because they arrive through inspiration, imagination, memory, dreams or creative impulse—often a combination of these. Whimsies are typically very colorful, deserving young and happy.  I can’t stop bringing them to life.

Art is my passion.  If you ask me why I paint I can tell you my heart and spirit drive me to do so.  I want my ‘audience’ to feel a certain joy and well being from my work.  This is how I feel whilst painting.  I relax and escape to blend paint and shape a story, images or thoughts.  It happens without forcing anything.

So I hope you feel some of the spontaneity, freedom and pleasure I felt as I painted these images. Thank you for your support in my future as an artist.
I am a global citizen and traveler.  Because of this I speak French, Portuguese and Spanish.  You can feel my love of international culture in my expressions.  I also have an academic background in organic agriculture and family farming whereby I earned a MA in Sustainable Agriculture through Antioch International.  I started painting 32 years ago and then stopped.  I have painted most earnestly in the last 6 years.