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"Skin Print 6" by Carolina Gutiérrez

"Skin Print 6" by Carolina Gutiérrez

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12" x 12"

Oil on Animal Skin


Carolina was born in 1974 in Bogotá, Colombia. She studied Fine Arts at Los Andes University and earned her degree in Architecture at the same university. Her work has featured in several personal and collective exhibitions in Bogotá, Miami and Tokyo. In 2014 she attended the workshop of the artist Alyssa Monks, Creating, Translating and Surpassing the Photo-Reference, at the New York Academy of Art, New York.


My paintings stem from the close, intimate observation of human skin, that place where personal history is printed and narrated in each spot, each crease, and each wrinkle. We are what is visible in our skin; that makes us readable and therefore vulnerable. My painting wants to explore that vulnerability, that risk we encounter when under the gaze of others. It also wants to create untold stories, to capture past experiences and future hopes or longings in the sheer physicality of the present moment. That´s why I use animal skin as my canvas. I use personal short texts written in Braille, and sign language for the deft to build the character out of the skin, to merge together as one and tell one whole story.