"Serie Xplosion No. 1" by Claudia Mulet,  Acrylic on Wood
"Serie Xplosion No. 1" by Claudia Mulet,  Acrylic on Wood
"Serie Xplosion No. 1" by Claudia Mulet,  Acrylic on Wood

"Serie Xplosion No. 1" by Claudia Mulet, Acrylic on Wood

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48" X 96"

Acrylic on Wood

Original Art Work



Claudia Mulet

Claudia Mulet was Born in Havana, Cuba. Graduated from the Higher Institute of Arts (ISA) in Cuba, with a Bachelor of Performing Arts, she moved to the United States in 2016 to make her debut on the First National Tour of “On your feet”, the story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan.

In her youth, Claudia began painting observing her mother Ileana Mulet, an important figure in cuban art & culture and has since developed her own signature style. C. Mulet’s art includes paintings, performances, and video art. Claudia’s work has been featured in select artistic endeavors, including collaborations with renowned artists at events such as Art Basel, the International Havana Biennale and other artistic performances across the country.


Claudia Mulet’s work centers on the exploration of an infinite world without borders. Art has always focused on the human being, on the construction of a universe that responds only to our needs. Daughter of famed Cuban artist Ileana Mulet, Claudia Mulet proposes to change the perspective of the human condition. She aims to connect our consciousness to both the universe that surrounds us and the universe within. In a world where purpose is defined by rigid linear thinking, C. Mulet’s art drops us into the unknown and strips away all boundaries.

Using acrylic over recycled wood and canvas as a medium, colors mix with the unbounded spontaneity of water and gravity to create a singular canvas that serves as the foundation for the exploration of the unpredictable. Accepting the universal elements of each unique moment in time as a guide, C.Mulet combines Oriental brushwork with the use of a bare hands technique to contemplate that which is beyond us and our control.

Instagram: @c.mulet_art