Rose Field Esperanza by Sergio Llanes, Acrylic on Canvas
Rose Field Esperanza by Sergio Llanes, Acrylic on Canvas
Rose Field Esperanza by Sergio Llanes, Acrylic on Canvas

Rose Field Esperanza by Sergio Llanes, Acrylic on Canvas

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40 x 47

Original Artwork

Acrylic on Canvas



Time is relative. Whenever i start a canvas time stops around me. I submerge myself deep into my personality and remember the moments in my life in which every second counted. Having the world around me spin in a different color, smell and pace. Finding a vision to express what I feel, not stopping until the inception of my idea is represented.  Hunting for the purest forms to showcase an emotion, I rely on nature. The rawness of the texture, the deep and rich shadow that light brings that only the eye can catch. That is my inspiration, which is my goal. Showcase my soul. 

Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in 1985. I was fascinated by the surrounding nature around the city. The greatness of its mountains always led me to grab the paint and paper as much as my parents disliked the mess it made. However life had a few curve balls along the way and made me change winds moving to Managua Nicaragua in my teenage years. This gave me a different color pallet. With the beauty of its beaches and untouched nature, exploring became my greatest inspiration.

After a few years I chose a career opposite to my passion. Conventional and pragmatic thoughts of life came through with age. Studying Law in the Universidad Americana extending it to a Mayor in Corporate Law. While studying I began working in a family company and with great effort it grew. It became a great rollercoaster of emotions that business tend to bring. With great success comes very little time and so it happen , the stress , the complications of doing something for the conventional reality instead of the purest form of happiness.

Given the opportunity I studied my master’s degree in Finance, Distribution and Commerce in Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain. The city gave me a new look, a new life. In which every color popped and my real passion began to itch. As soon as I finished and came back I started painting and creating. Converting my living room in my studio until paint covered every inch of it. Being completely self-taught books, tutorials and YouTube became my teachers. Trying to recreate nature, the muse infused fire in my soul.

With that passion came personal collectors and exhibits such as; Banco Avanz, Banpais Exhibit, Opening of Olof Palme Convention Center. However with rapid exposure life had another curveball. Riots and manifestations surfaced in the country, forcing a migration back home. With that came the happiest time in my life. Making my first personal exhibit, the numbers of my personality in Verandas Gallery. Having media publications Cromos and Estilo magazines, interviews on TV shows such as Gente. Creating has become my passion and life. Creating different projects from documentaries to clothing lines. My work is collected by individuals as well as in corporate and city collections. You can experience my passion at my website www.sergiollanesart.com as well as in social media @sergllanes in Instagram and book.com/sergio.llanes.714.