Poppies by Aurelio D. Santos, Oil on Canvas
Poppies by Aurelio D. Santos, Oil on Canvas
Poppies by Aurelio D. Santos, Oil on Canvas

Poppies by Aurelio D. Santos, Oil on Canvas

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40 x 32

Original Artwork

Oil on Canvas


Aurelio D.Santos was born in León, but grew up in Barcelona.

His interest in art began at an early age. As a young kid, he became fascinated with the beauty of colors and the charm of the art of drawing. Even though his early professional career was developed around the business world and he was mainly an artist manager, he decided to change the course of his career and started working on his own artistic creations – partly thanks to the inspiration and encouragement he got from his surroundings. He went to the art school ‘Escuela Massana’ and then to ‘ ‘, school directed by the prestigious artist Joaquín Santaló.

Aurelio Santos made his first steps to launch his lifelong career in the art world as the director of a serigraphy and engraving studio under the pseudonym of André Bufi. The studio reached popularity all around Spain, and achieved an outstanding record of sales. What is more, he gained popularity and praising in the artistic circles. During this period, he created series such as “Las Bicicletas” (The Bicycles), awarded in several international prestigious contests, such as the one held in La Habana or the “Hoja de Plata” in Venezuela. Later, Aurelio moved from León to Mallorca, where he worked as the director of the art gallery Galeria Llombards until he decided to open his own gallery Galeria AD Santos and attended several International Fairs.

Santos’s view on art “Many artists indeed suggest art is a form of expression, a river of feelings. That is definitely true but it is actually sometimes difficult to understand what the source of those feelings is. The transmission of feeling is something that takes place in all aspects of life: a look, a smile or a sigh are very forceful forms of expression. They are obvious forms of nonverbal communication that are widely thought of as normal. I am actually in favor of simplicity. I like to think that we are machines able to feel, to distinguish more than three million different colors, to capture both the daylight and the darkness of the night, to feel the heat and the cold, to like, to listen to things and to have the capacity to fall in love or to appreciate the scent of a rose. The capacity to feel these things turn us into something like travelers in an idyllic land, a place that is often sadly taken for granted. I believe. I believe all these aptitudes are only a part of the tool… if you add a brush and some color to it, it’s like being at the be.

The well is filled up with water… it stays still, it doesn’t move. If you were to go on a journey through the desert, you would probably end up quite thirsty. Finding a well would be like finding a treasure which is an immediate answer to your main need.

From my point of view as an artist, the soul represents that huge well from where you can extract a substance full of energy and plenitude that controls all of your body cells and that leads you and rules over you as if you were a puppet…  full of happiness.


That is my fountain/source. That is my life. That is my purpose.