Pepela- Nude WO Being Nude by SunHe Hong, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
Pepela- Nude WO Being Nude by SunHe Hong, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
Pepela- Nude WO Being Nude by SunHe Hong, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

Pepela- Nude WO Being Nude by SunHe Hong, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

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60 x 48

Original Artwork

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas



SunHe is a Korean - American artist based in New York City. ​

After moving to U.S. SunHe earned her BFA in Fine Arts from Youngstown State University in Ohio. After graduation, she moved to New York City, worked as a fashion designer for five years and received an AAS degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She further studied art at the Art Students League in New York City.

“My art evokes a wide spectrum of feelings. It taps into your subconscious, bringing to life the hidden messages which lie within us, from our darkest pains to the most intimate forms of loving. If there is one thing I’d like people to learn from viewing my artwork, it is that life is always filled with endless beauty, even at its darkest time.” - SunHe
Her art is all about human emotion.   SunHe is hypersensitive of her surroundings and captures them with a feverish hand.  Although she was traditionally trained as a watercolorist and a landscape painter, she has become far more drawn to the human spirit.  Those feverish strokes of ink, that she makes when she starts her process, elucidate her connection to the energy and essence of her subjects.  They are representational, not so much of the subject’s physical being, but of their intangible existence. She abstracts her subjects, capturing their energy through line, shape, and color. She recreates the female body with a surreal edge, utilizing vivid colors and abstract markings to create a visceral, romantic experience. 
 Each piece tells a story through this exposition of emotion. Then, it is littered with symbols of life that confer to her audience a personal sense of lyricism with a perturbing sensuality. Butterflies inhabit her work, hinting at a deeper message of a woman’s sensuality and the growth, metamorphosis, of her free spirited soul.  


SunHe’s art is an expression of the human existence and her paintings reflect her life in color. Quite literally, one can view the work over time and see the changes in color and style that correspond with her stage in a continuous transformation.  The pieces come together and form a mosaic, capturing the essence of her memories, each picture bearing a different feeling for a different time, a different circumstance. They display the raw and authentic relationships of this world, reminding us of our intimate emotional needs. Her works delve into the soulful dilemmas that are born from our desire to feel alive.  Pain and Pleasure, Loneliness and Love. Reminding us that our art is our freedom. Our longings, fantasies and dreams allow us to escape the cages of reality and join a poetic existence.

“Metaphysical Encounters” 2018 and Beyond  As of 2018, my work has moved towards an abstracted portrayal of the human spirit.    

We are electromagnetic creatures and we are drawn to others through the frequencies that we resonate between us.   As I thought about this, I realized what emotions truly were. In their essence, they are a fluid energy that moves in different directions between us and metaphysically connects us.  

Energy and timing is everything in life!  It was natural for me to move from representational pieces to improvisational ones  that capture the energies of us as a collective. While most of my work is done solo, lately I have begun to invite others to join me in my process and implement their own energies When I meet ones who is inspirational, good vibes and if i am in the mood. Those around me add little marks to my pieces, freezing their energy in time. Then, I finish the work drawing upon the energy that we have generated together. 

We constantly respond to other’s emotional energies.  As the energy shifts between us, I capture it in ink.  My most recent works are an investigation of these vibrations. Each dot and line is an emotional energy interacting with other energies harmoniously to paint the bigger picture.  I have named this series Metaphysical Encounters. SunHe