OM/ .02 by Joy Hutchins, Digital Print
OM/ .02 by Joy Hutchins, Digital Print

OM/ .02 by Joy Hutchins, Digital Print

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27 x 39

Original Artwork

Digital Print

(Two Separate Pieces, Mounted on 1/8” PVC Board, Hung Overlapping with French Cleats)



Joy Hutchins, a self taught artist, was born in The Bronx, New York, grew up in Jackson Heights, Queens and is currently residing in New Jersey. Starting out as a watercolor artist, she later transitioned to nonobjective sculpture which evolved into word sculptures made with PVC pipes and plumbing fittings. Several years ago, drawn to pop art, she began to produce her current digital pop art series with complex images that combine comics, text, tattoos and portrait photography. Joy tattoos both the portraits and comic characters in order to blur the lines between perceived reality and illusion. These often colorful, graphic and whimsical works have been exhibited throughout the metropolitan area. Joy’s interest in psychology and Buddhist concepts of duality and illusion are the source of her inspiration in her choice of text and images.