"Amsterdam" by Jim Beuks, Oil on Canvas
"Amsterdam" by Jim Beuks, Oil on Canvas
"Amsterdam" by Jim Beuks, Oil on Canvas

"Amsterdam" by Jim Beuks, Oil on Canvas

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40" x 32"

Oil on Canvas 

Original Art Work

It is based on the small streets and the canals of Amsterdam. 


Instagram: @jimbeuksart

Website:    www.jimbeuks.nl 

Jim Beuks

Jim Beuks was born on 27th of August 1960 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His parents grew up  during World War II and were traumatized. Jim as a second World War II generation child carried this burdon a long time with him. On the other hand he grew up as a child in a creative environment in which he could develop his passion for painting. He was able to transform the heritage from his parents into art and was able to deal with the sorrow and the pain.

He learned how to paint step by step. You could say he was an autodidact. Also he took painting classes with painter Johan Suttorp in Amsterdam. First he learned how to paint portraits and special techniques. The artlessons and his own development as an art student made him look for his own style of painting. His art is based on special moments and creating a fascinating play of lines. His greatest inspiration is to make people happy with his work. He tries to invite people to step in another fascinating world. 

Jim also works as a purser in the airline industry. Flying around the world gives him the opportunity to become fascinated by the variety of landscapes, museums, architecture, etc. The beautiful combination of colours and the different subjects often form a basis for his paintings.
New York is one of the destinations he is flying to. A city he appreciates very much because of its history, museums and different cultures. A city full of life and energy. A city where you can breathe to the fullest.

Exposition: June 2020 Artgallery Dekker in Bussum, The Netherlands.
A painting was sold to a client in Los Angeles.