Nightmares by Noel Hernon, Acrylic on Canvas
Nightmares by Noel Hernon, Acrylic on Canvas
Nightmares by Noel Hernon, Acrylic on Canvas

Nightmares by Noel Hernon, Acrylic on Canvas

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12 x 16

Original Artwork

Acrylic on Canvas



I was born and raised in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland. I’ve always loved painting and drawing even before I knew what art was. Once I finished school I went on to study hotel management. After completing two years I decided to withdraw from the course, as I realized it wasn’t the direction that my future was meant to go in. That same year I decided to apply for an art course, art’s influence was always there and now it was time to follow it. 

During this art portfolio course I rediscovered my passion for art and improved my skills. The following year I continued studying art and had an unforgettable Erasmus work placement studying  in Finland. The experience of those two years was invaluable. It pointed me towards a future that I could only dream of. It lead me to the decision to go back to college to study art. I wanted to study graphic design and also to continue exploring my passion for painting.

I’ve just completed my second year studying BA honours in Graphic Design and Illustration at Galway Mayo Institute of Technology. I am pursuing a career in graphic design while continuing to paint and explore other art disciplines.

My purpose as an artist is to create beautiful work, deeply infused with emotion and enriched with meaning. My work is influenced by many subjects such as nature, sculpture, death, emotions, humanity, and hope.

I’m only starting my journey and career as a young professional artist, but I am wholeheartedly determined to create a career that I can be proud of, and create something wonderful along the way.