Mother of Pearl  by Janice Pluma, Mixed Media on Canvas
Mother of Pearl  by Janice Pluma, Mixed Media on Canvas

Mother of Pearl by Janice Pluma, Mixed Media on Canvas

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24 x 24
Original Artwork

Mixed Media on Canvas

“For many years, even before recycling became prevalent, I scoured fields, salvage yards, my neighborhood...any place that might be a source of non-traditional materials for my art. I think combining acrylic paint with metal, fabric, paper, glass— or whatever sparks my imagination, adds extra interest and dimension to my work.

I love found objects, texture, brilliant color, bold brushstrokes and the challenge of combining unorthodox elements into a cohesive composition.

This process of transforming my artistic materials has led to a deeper interest in other areas of transformation as applied to emotion, spirituality and life. Working in an abstract style symbolizes these transitional journeys and is intended to complete an inner connection with the viewer in that private space that assumes priority over words"

Janice Pluma, a native Californian, was born in Los Angeles and raised in Sacramento. Her interest in art began in childhood, and has never diminished. She spent much of her adult life moving to different locales, and studied fine art at colleges in California, Colorado and North Dakota.

Eventually settling in Paso Robles, California, she established a collaborative studio, Atelier 708, with two other artists where she paints full time. Her work can be found at Fire and Rain Gallery, Folsom, CA, in various solo and group exhibitions, and private collections in the U.S. and Europe. Janice is secretary and signature member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters.