Metallic Green Squiggle on Light Magenta by William Lindsay, Mixed Media on Canvas
Metallic Green Squiggle on Light Magenta by William Lindsay, Mixed Media on Canvas

Metallic Green Squiggle on Light Magenta by William Lindsay, Mixed Media on Canvas

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20 x 20 


Original Artwork

A Short Biography of William C. Lindsay

LINDSAY, William.  Painter / Designer.  William moved to NYC in 1998 to attend Wagner College as a theater major.  He began his work in 1998 sitting in biology class at his first college. With just a pen and a notebook listening to lectures he would fill an entire notebook page with his "never ending squiggle line" over a number of class periods.

He then decided the politics of theater just was not for him, so he decided to transfer to The School of Visual Arts in 2000 studying graphic design and fine art.  In a class called originality, which encouraged the student to work on and create new images, his design then became alive.   His everyday notebook doodle had now been created with pen on 18" x 24" drawing paper.  Experimenting with mediums, his continuous line work then moved on to acrylic on canvas 12"x 12" to 5' x 5' large in many color combinations.

 He now does this crazy design on many things, pillows, T-shirts, lampshades, cocktail glasses, vases, and interior walls of people's apartments.  One day he hopes to squiggle an entire room so his own crazy squiggle environment will surround him and other viewers.  He is now bringing this work to the public through galleries and through collective designer showcases.  He would like as many people as possible to experience and enjoy the influence of one continuous crazy line and one day he will.


The Artist’s Statement


The continuous line of acrylic paint on canvas does not follow any structure.  The line goes where it wants to unconsciously.  The only limitations that the line has are the edges of the canvas.  This line starts in one corner of the canvas and ends in another corner.  A feeling of freedom, focus, and escape from reality are felt during this process. 

The never-ending line has also gone beyond the canvas.  Other aspects of our

Environments are now being covered, such as pillows, t-shirts, vases, journal covers, lampshades, dinnerware, chairs, and walls that surround us.  The infinite chaos of the line will be felt even more intensely beyond the life on the canvas into our own everyday environment.  The infinite line covering a larger scale on bigger canvases also reveals the over powering effect the line can have on the viewer.

Making the continuous line an actual environment that will be felt by just viewing it is something I would like everyone to experience.  What started as just an everyday notebook doodle turns into a sense of freedom and escape from reality, which is something I hope to achieve for everyone who views it.