“Linda” By Maaike Wycisk, Mixed Media on Canvas
“Linda” By Maaike Wycisk, Mixed Media on Canvas

“Linda” By Maaike Wycisk, Mixed Media on Canvas

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47" x 47"

Original Artwork 

 Mixed Media on Canvas 

Maaike Wycisk is an independent artist, living and working near Zürich in Switzerland. She was born and raised in the Netherlands and moved to Switzerland in 2011.  Her works have been on display in Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm, Zürich, Dresden, Rotterdam and Strasbourg. Using different techniques, she creates mostly Pop Art inspired colorful works. 

When creating new works, she loves to experiment with different techniques: not only acrylic paint, but also stencils, collages and digital art are used in the process.

Her works are created by overlaying and blending pictures of textures and faces. This creates a new, unique and interesting image. After the digital work, the new images are printed and finished using different paint mediums, acrylic paint and spray paint.  This adds a special effect to the painting, making them tangible and lively.  She continually is looking for different techniques to try and experiment with.