"Liberty" by Jason Piken, Acrylic on Canvas
"Liberty" by Jason Piken, Acrylic on Canvas
"Liberty" by Jason Piken, Acrylic on Canvas

"Liberty" by Jason Piken, Acrylic on Canvas

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39" x 33"

Acrylic on Canvas

Original Art Work



Jason Piken

I have always been in love with art. I grew up in Queens, NY, just a few minutes from some of the best art museums and galleries in the world, I never felt it was part of my world though. I thought art was something that other people got to make and have in their homes. My path in life lead me to make a living helping people to be healthier and achieve their best selves. I practice as a chiropractor/nutritionist/health coach.

I never gave up on my love for art and occasionally would produce something that made me happy. In 2019 something changed though. I threw myself into painting like I never had before and people started to respond to what I was creating.

The art I create is inspired by the 5 boroughs of NYC, the music I love, and most of all the colors I like to see. I primarily use acrylic on canvas but some other mixed media comes into play in some pieces.

Education: Self Taught

Artistic Influences:  I am inspired most by Pollack and Basquiat but also many modern abstract artists from around the globe. I’m inspired by all types of music.  The work I produce is reflective of the mood the music put me into.  It moves from Hip-Hop to The music of the 80’s & 90’s, classic rock and Jazz, some country music now and then too.

Instagram: @JasonPikenART