Keyhole by Wayne Lerman, Acrylic on Canvas
Keyhole by Wayne Lerman, Acrylic on Canvas
Keyhole by Wayne Lerman, Acrylic on Canvas

Keyhole by Wayne Lerman, Acrylic on Canvas

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36 x 48"

Original Artwork


Artist Bio:

Wayne Lerman is a graduate of Pratt Institute with a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master’s in Urban Planning. Lerman’s trademark use of geometry and color distinctly brands his design statements in countless elegant commercial, medical, institutional buildings and high ends residential designs throughout the tri-state area. His buildings have won numerous accolades and awards. 

Artist Statement:

As an architect who designs buildings, I have always considered myself an artist.

The expression of the art form is the primary expressive form in my buildings utilizing geometry, shapes, color, texture, contradiction.  It is these elements that make interesting structures which have true expression and meaning.

In my art, I try to express color, form, and textures.  My work does not grow from a visible form but develops in how I develop the relationship, color and texture in a composition that creates visual excitement.

Since I deal with realism every day, abstract expression is a way for me to get out of the box without limitations of budget, function and rules which are inescapable elements in the creation of architecture.  

In the world of painting I believe there is a feeling I can create in how my clients view my art, whether it is a painting or a building.  It is a stimulation which I hope makes on energized and free to think of what they imagine. 

I am a licensed architect and certified Interior Designer Several of my pieces have been sold to various private collectors of abstract expressionist art.  In addition, I have been commissioned by clients directly to create custom pieces.