"Kaotika" By Carole Guevin, Fluid Art on Canvas
"Kaotika" By Carole Guevin, Fluid Art on Canvas

"Kaotika" By Carole Guevin, Fluid Art on Canvas

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24" x 24"

Original Artwork 

Fluid Art on Canvas 

Carole Guevin aka cgwarex is a fluid abstract painter + digital explorer who loves colors.
When I was 14 on my first attempt at oil painting I was able to make a first 'ok' painting but the second one? Turned out the perfect shade of pooh. Not surprising - and proof enough of my ignorance of the laws of color mixing. Stumped but not defeated - I vouched right then and then - to study until I could decipher colors and to this day - it still remains an active quest. That initial frustration became the fuel for my passionate pursuit to understand, explore and create with colors.
I practice art by merging unpredictable disciplines such as fluid art (an exciting emerging new discipline that uses liquid pigments and different mediums to paint) as well as generative (digital) art using algorithms to create beautiful renders on my iPad Pro and also - a more deliberate discipline of painting large abstract canvases using different tools and adding graphic design elements and even sometimes - finger painting with gouache: whatever it takes to make the artworks colors - pop! 
My intentional overall mission is to bring a gift of beauty and joy to the world. More precisely - to your world. By supporting my art and colour investigations you are guaranteed a one of a kind original piece of art to be inspired from in your home (or your clients homes) - your studio and/or office.