"Jijangbosal" by Ilhwan Bae, Waterpainting
"Jijangbosal" by Ilhwan Bae, Waterpainting
"Jijangbosal" by Ilhwan Bae, Waterpainting

"Jijangbosal" by Ilhwan Bae, Waterpainting

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5.3" X 12.6"

Water Painting

Original Art Work



Ilhwan Bae

Born at the slum area, had to collect and dig up the eatable plants on the mountain near by the house for food since I was 5 years old. My father was a member of the gang, barely came home, my mother who is sincere Jehovah's Witnesses, had to feed me and my sister all alone. There was no food, no TV, no toys, no anything in my childhood.
One day, one of my father’s friends came up to me and gave me the lifetime permission of watching all shows and exhibitions at the big art center as he was in charge.

 From that moment, my only escapeway was watching plays, musicals, art exhibitions. And I started painting by myself.

Went to Seojong art college but couldn’t graduate as I couldn’t afford the expenses. So, I dropped out and started working as a game illustrator. Then the movie which is based on the game was making. I joined that project. I met one famous movie director there, Seongsu Kim. He offered me to work at the movie industry. That was when I started working as an art director. I joined so many movies, TV shows, plays and musicals.

2018 Pyeongchang winter Olympic was held in Korea. I joined as an art director. Had to direct over 100 colleagues, had to had crazily busy time for day and night. While I was working like that, my father passed away. I found him at Washington D.C in the US. I brought his ashes to Korea, had a funeral, then went back to work right away.  

After winter Olympic, I got little popular as Inmyeonjo - the human faced bird used at opening ceremony - got attention globally. People cheered for me, wanted me to join their projects.

I was glad. and when people got back home, I was alone. I had nobody. Like my father dying alone in strange place. I called my mother in a long time. Found out that she had pancreatic cancer. I realized that I haven’t take care of anyone. Even myself.
That’s how I started painting for myself.


I have a lot of knowledge about traditional culture since a kid.
People are busy to catch up the new cultures and technologies but seems like they are slowly forgetting our traditions. It seems too old fashioned and boring for people. So, I bring traditions to modern times with technologies and humors. I wanted it entertaining.
I made giant mythical creature puppets at 2018 winter Olympic, made media art collaborated break dance and traditional mask dance – This is displayed at National intangible heritage center now. Made oriental painting projection mapping show at Hamyang Expo and automata puppet show Byeoljujeon which is famous Korean folk tale.

In 2000, I was a game illustrator, from 2005, for about 20 years, I work as an art director, media artist, video director, illustrator. Even webtoon story writer in Naver webtoon “Guard Dooman Bae”.