Irises by Natali Sokolova, Painting on Silk
Irises by Natali Sokolova, Painting on Silk

Irises by Natali Sokolova, Painting on Silk

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38 x 38

Original Artwork

Painting on Silk



I'm a professional artist from New York City and I was born in Minsk, Belarus. I'm well-educated in art and my main subjects are drawing, painting, composition and design interior. My Master Degree was in Decorative and Applied Art, specialization-batik (painting on silk).I make my personal paintings for SOLO exhibitions in Minsk. I made a solo exhibition, publication interview and article  in the catalog ART INSPIRATION(LONDON),  publication  an article in the magazine MONACO(FRANCE),ARTMAGAZINE GOLD LIST 2019.Talking about myself, I have good taste. I've been interested in art since my childhood and I've always wanted to become a specialist. What is more, I've learnt so much about the history of art, read the literature and visited a variety of exhibitions in order to improve my skills and widen my outlook. It also helps me to come out with new ideas and gives me inspiration. I'm continuing to gather the information and I'm not going to stop on my level.  I consider myself as patient, hardworking, communicative and open person. I can get in touch with many people. My work is my life!