"Inner Light" by Alay Ladali, Oil on Canvas
"Inner Light" by Alay Ladali, Oil on Canvas
"Inner Light" by Alay Ladali, Oil on Canvas

"Inner Light" by Alay Ladali, Oil on Canvas

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30" X 40"

Oil on Canvas

Original Art Work



As Nietzsche said: “The tree that would grow to heaven must send it roots to hell. The process of cognition passes through all sides of being.  From the dark, viscous mass of ignorance comes the first step towards a higher understanding.  Even in ancient times, the color scheme of clothing showed the level of knowledge of a person. When the geometry of the body coincides with the geometry of the universe, the treasured key opens the door.


Alay Ladali

I was born in Eurasia in 1988. In 2015 moved to NYC. From early childhood, I began to experience a deep connection with the world of dreams, plunging into the space of unconscious secrets.  I realized that this is one of the ways of communicating with a higher source of knowledge that sheds light on the deep truth.  In 2019, in one of my dreams, I drew the sound of a melody as rain, which poured down from the sky, creating bright, colorful images from which pleasant warmth developed throughout my body.  Soon after this dream, I was resting in a country house and one of my friends brought oil paints and canvases with him.  On this day, for the first time, magic merged with the world of color.  Until that moment, I had never in my life picked up a brush.  I managed to experience the same feeling that I had in my dreams, I felt a strong inner response in every moment of connection with paints.  This day was the beginning of a new chapter in my life.  I realized that I see events, images, smells and everything that surrounds me in different colors.  When I saw that the reign of time completely loses its power, I dissolve in the moment of creativity, I realized my life path and trusting my inner feeling, I became an artist.