"Ilya" by Anna Gnidkovskaya, Oils on Canvas
"Ilya" by Anna Gnidkovskaya, Oils on Canvas
"Ilya" by Anna Gnidkovskaya, Oils on Canvas

"Ilya" by Anna Gnidkovskaya, Oils on Canvas

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41.3" X 29.5"

Oils on Canvas 

Original Art Work



Anna Gnidkovskaya

My name is Anna Gnidkovskaya, Born on January 29, 1993. I am from the city of Yugorsk. I live and work in St. Petersburg. I am an artist-painter, I photograph, cut out portraits from paper, sculpt, give experimental master classes in painting.
I am constantly on the lookout. I am looking for my own style, not forgetting about childish spontaneity and first impressions. I share the results of my artistic experiments. I trust my feelings. I set myself different tasks.
Open to cooperation.
Anna Gnidkovskaya's works are in private collections in Russia, USA, Hungary, France, Latvia, Ukraine.
Since 2000 to 2011 She studied at the MOU “Secondary school №3.
Since 2000 to 2011 She studied at the studio "Nord", Yarmieva Rimma Rashitovna in the city of Yugorsk.
From 2005 to 2011 she studied at the creative association "Nature and Fantasy" under the additional education program "Decorative and applied art"
Since 2011 to 2015 She studied at the Russian State Pedagogical University. AI Herzen at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Orientation Bachelor's Degree Teacher of Fine and Decorative-Applied Arts.
Personal exhibitions:
in 2011, from May 6 to June 6, in the Cultural and Sports Complex "Nord" in the city of Yugorsk, Tyumen Region, a personal exhibition was held, at which works in the technique of graphics, painting, composition, decorative and applied art were presented.
2018 from 15 March to 1 April. Solo exhibition at the Greenworldcommunity Smoothie. Fontanka river embankment 20, Golitsyn loft, 3rd floor, gray or red staircase.
2019 January 29 "Unstoppable love of life" Fontanka river embankment, house 20, art space "Into the fold", white staircase, 3rd floor @art_vskladchiny, https://vk.com/event177103864
2019 February 1-30. Personal exhibition at the STUKKEY Coffee House @stukkey. St. Petersburg, Fontaki River Embankment 20, Golitsyn Loft, white staircase, 3rd floor. With the support of the gallery "In Skladchinu" @art_vskladchiny
Participation in exhibitions:
In 2005 she took 2nd place in the regional competition-exhibition "Northern Fantasy" dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug in the nomination "Hello fairy tale". Yugorsk, Russia
2006 City festival "We are the future of Russia" - 1st degree diploma. Yugorsk, Russia
2007 City festival "We are the future of Russia", 2nd degree diploma. Yugorsk, Russia
2008 City festival "We are the future of Russia", 1st degree diploma. Yugorsk, Russia
2010 City festival "We are the future of Russia" 1st degree diploma. Yugorsk, Russia
2011 City festival "We are the future of Russia". Yugorsk, Russia
  1. Participant of the 1st regional ecological exhibition-competition of children's creativity "The Red Book World of Ugra through the Eyes of Children" in Talinka, Russia 
2008 Active participation in the exhibition of posters "Save this world" in the framework of the International ecological action "March for Parks -2008", Yugorsk, Russia
2010 Diploma of the 1st degree in the VIII regional competition-exhibition "SMILE OF THE NORTH" in the nomination "I CALL HIM - TEACHER". Yugorsk, Russia.
2012 Certificate of the participant of the exhibition and the Diploma "Special Prize". Awarded with a Special Prize established by a member of the Board of Trustees of the International Competition of Creative Works of Artists and Scientists "HERCEN'S UNIVERSITY IN THE HEART OF PETERSBURG", St. Petersburg, Russia.
2013 Exhibition Center SPBSH. Participation in the exhibition "ZooCulture 2013" With a sculptural composition of terracotta "Pelicans". St. Petersburg. Russia.
2015 Diploma of the 2nd degree of the International Competition - an exhibition of creative works dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War "Peace and War in Art" for a series of photographs "Blockade source". St. Petersburg. Russia
2015 Participant of the competition-exhibition of creative works of students of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Russian State Pedagogical University named after A.I. Geocene "NATURE LIFE", St. Petersburg. Russia
2017 "CHANCELARIA" in "ArtMuz" with work "Andrey". St. Petersburg. Russia
2017 November 11. Auction
"CHEAP" "Russian Zen". St. Petersburg. Russia. Nekrasov 36.https: //vk.com/rusdzyn
2017 Auction "CHEAP" within the framework of the Art Festival "Palace Revolution". https://vk.com/artcoup
St. Petersburg. Russia
2017 "The first exhibition in St. Petersburg Art-party Chancelaria in Golitsyn Hall". St. Petersburg. Russia
December 8, 2017 at the Museum of Optics. Participation in the exhibition. On the day of the professional International Day of the artist. Conducted a master class on acrylic painting. St. Petersburg. Russia
2017г Auction
"CHEAP". ... Moscow city. Russia. https://vk.com/event158217108
2017 St. Petersburg. Became a finalist of the All-Russian competition for young artists "Muse must work" 2017-2018. Participation in the exhibition. Saint Petersburg. Russia. https://artmuza.spb.ru/events/novosti/816-uchastniki-itogovoy-vystavki-muza-dolzhna-rabotat.html
  1. Participation in the exhibition "Baltic Space" and the Auction "CHEAP". in the boarding house "Baltiets". p. Repino. Russia. https://vk.com/event164867194
2018 Participation in the festival "Big bloat" of the art-auction "DESHEVKA" in the Ionotek. Conducted a painting master class. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
2018 GLICH. Moscow city . Russia. https://vk.com/glichproject
June 30, 2018 Participation in the Art-auction "DESHEVKA" in the boarding house "Baltiets". Repino village. Russia. https://vk.com/event168225900
16/08/2018 Participation in the Auction "CHEAP" "ARS LONGA, VITA BREVIS" St. Petersburg. Russia. Bankovskiy per. d 3, https://vk.com/event169997261
17-21 / 08/2018 "Victory of the Sun over the Black Square". Gallery in Skladchinu. Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Fontanka 20.https: //vk.com/blacksquaresun
25/08/2018 Participant of the Exhibition-Action "Petersburg Underground". Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
29/09/2018 Participant of the Exhibition-Action "St. Petersburg Underground 2" St. Petersburg, Russia. https://vk.com/petersburgunderground
09/29/2018 Participation in the exhibition "The first exhibition in St. Petersburg Art-party Chancelaria in Golitsyn Hall". Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
2019 "STORE OF CONTEMPORARY ART" Gallery "In Skladchinu" St. Petersburg, Russia.
  1. "ART-MARATHON" Gallery "In Skladchinu" St. Petersburg, Russia.
2019 "Victory of the Sun over the Black Square" Gallery "Into the Skull" St. Petersburg, Russia.
  1. "PsychGorFest II in St. Petersburg" St. Petersburg, Russia.

04/13/2019 "NEON AUCTION" Participation in the Auction "CHEAP" St. Petersburg, Russia.
2019 "From Myths and Colors"
Gallery of young artists "Sacred cow" Address: Vyborgskaya emb. 43. St. Petersburg, Russia.
2019 Charity festival for the whole family "Our People" Participation in the Auction. St. Petersburg, Russia. https://vk.com/nashiludi_5maya
2019 "THE REALITY OF IMAGE MANAGEMENT" 24.05 - 08.06 / House of Culture named after GAS
At the address - Stachek Avenue, 72, St. Petersburg, Russia (https://vk.com/realuprobr)
2019 SVET I FORMA Academy named after A. L. Stieglitsa (Solyanoy lane, 13) St. Petersburg, Russia (https://vk.com/svetforma)
2019 My painting "6th Face" took part in the international project "Exit from the Black Square" @exitbs Moscow. Russia. October 26 st. Rochdelskaya, 15, building 25 https://exitbs.art/

2019 Entered the "Union of Young Artists of St. Petersburg". Russia.

  1. Participant of the photo-exhibition "Art is a woman" St. Petersburg. Russia. Gallery of young artists "Sacred cow" Vyborgskaya nab. 43, BC "Active"

2019 Participant of the exhibition "STORE OF CONTEMPORARY ART"
Location: Russia. Saint Petersburg. Loft-Project ETAZHI (4th floor) Address: Ligovsky pr. 74 Dates: 20.12-27.12.

2019 Participant of the exhibition "Blooming Garden" Gallery of young artists "Sacred Cow" Vyborgskaya nab. 43, BC "Active". Dates December 15 - January 25. Russia. Saint Petersburg.

2020 Participant of the exhibition "RUNNING". Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Center Dates: February 15-22. Russia. Saint Petersburg.

2020 Participant of the exhibition "NON-Blind Love". Gallery of young artists "Sacred Cow" Vyborgskaya nab. 43, Business Center "Active". Dates February 15 - March 7. Russia. Saint Petersburg.

2020 Participant of the exhibition "Colors - Many. Russia. St. Petersburg. Primorskoe highway, 428, village Repino .. Hotel" Repinskaya "Dates: March 8-May 15.

2020 Participant of the DECOR EXPO exhibition - an exhibition of author's solutions in the field of decor and interior design. Russia. Saint Petersburg. at the address: st. Pochtamtskaya, house 7. Dates: from 12 to 15 March.

2020 from April 27 to May 30. Participation in the VR exhibition "INSIDE and OUT" VR exhibition from the creators of the Contemporary Art Store. Supported by VART Museum and High Art Gallery. Russia. Saint Petersburg
2020 dates from June 23 to June 30. Participation in the exhibition "GOLOVA Technical Discovery" in the gallery "GOLOVA Place of Power!" House of Culture. GAS. Stachek Avenue, 72, St. Petersburg. Russia. https://vk.com/gazarttoday
2020 Participation in the exhibition "ON THE SUNNY SIDE - 10" ST. PETERSBURG UNION OF ARTISTS. Dates from July 7 to July 26.
190000, Russia. St. Petersburg, st. Bolshaya Morskaya, 38
Tel. 8 (812) 315 74 26
e-mail: sh.vo.spb@mail.ru

2020 Participation in the exhibition "Catch a Big Fish" in the Russian Museum. Russia. St. Petersburg, st. Engineering house 10 http://www.artbrut-rusmuseum.ru/

2021 January Participation in the exhibition "Constructor of New Thinking" Loft Proekt Etazhi. Saint Petersburg. Russia.

2021 March 5 Participation @ community.russia NEON PARTY. Moscow . Russia.

2021 September 10-September 30 Participation in the exhibition "4 Abstract Congress of Abstract Abstract Artists". In the space "Design District DAA". Krasnogvardeyskaya square, 3E, St. Petersburg. Russia. http://designdistrictdaa.ru/
Instagram: @gnidkovskaya.anna.art