Holy Revenge by Hank Voltolina, Mixed Techniques on Canvas
Holy Revenge by Hank Voltolina, Mixed Techniques on Canvas

Holy Revenge by Hank Voltolina, Mixed Techniques on Canvas

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40 x 40"




"Art, expressed by Hank Voltolina, guides me towards a sort of weightlessness in which, I am freed from the burdens and feelings of guilt imposed by the culture of Christian pain [...]"

(Glauco Bellini Mafai)

Innate rebellious spirit, he gives vent to his alternative and irreverent creativity thanks mostly to the experience as a musician of the first italian punk generation, as a protagonist with his band. Between the end of the eighties and the beginning of the new millennium, Hank Voltolina built an important international know-how in cities such as London, Los Angeles and Miami in the field of Communication that is more counter-current towards show biz and the fashion system and, after great experiences as Art Director, Photographer and Music Producer, in 2016 he decides to create the ZEROFRONTIERE Multicultural Organization with the aim of deepening areas such as the Alternative Culture and the New Artistic Languages.

Currently, in addition to his professional activity with ZEROFRONTIERE, Hank Voltolina is engaged in personal artistic projects as a Digital Artist and recently exhibiting at ARTHILL Gallery of London his Collection SACRED & PROFANE - The Great Vatican Swindle”.
A Collection conceived with a ‘mission’ that goes far beyond the mere pop re-reading of the sacred iconography, but which is, indeed, a drastic attack on the power that religion has exercised over consciences for centuries.

Centuries of theological lies of a Catholic Church which, from the fourth century, became a factory of Saints to replace Paganism without causing shock in the popular mentality and which, with the Second Council of Nicea of 787, found a way to remedy the Decalogue Biblical that forbade idolatry to continue to profit from the images of Jesus, the Madonna and the Saints.