HBD BACCHUS by Guangxin Liu, Oil on Canvas

HBD BACCHUS by Guangxin Liu, Oil on Canvas

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35 x 30

Original Artwork

Guangxin Liu was born in 1991 in Anhui China. Began learning painting since he was 14, Guangxin majored in graphic design and illustration in Shanghai University, and later worked as a visual image designer. As a generation growing up under computer science and internet, applied art has profound influence on him. 

Inspired by Paul Gauguin’s Synthetism, Picasso’s Cubism, German Expressionism, and modern street art, Guangxin combines them with applied art design generated by computer development. These intertwined and collided with each other in his own painting system. Most of his works are oil on canvas, while some of them are combination of oil, acrylic, and spray.

Instead of commenting an issue from a moral high ground, his work prefers to understand life from a neutral perspective. He intends to express the positive and negative reactions to the information explosive input and digest in a way of drollery, creating an emotional resonance with his audience.