...From the Emergence and Transience of the Peaks by Hans Peter Perner, Oil on Canvas
...From the Emergence and Transience of the Peaks by Hans Peter Perner, Oil on Canvas
...From the Emergence and Transience of the Peaks by Hans Peter Perner, Oil on Canvas

...From the Emergence and Transience of the Peaks by Hans Peter Perner, Oil on Canvas

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95 x 53

Original Artwork

Oil on Canvas (Unstretched)



Hans Peter Perner, born in Salzburg's Tamsweg, is a trained restorer and freelance artist. Painting has accompanied him since his youth and has been guiding him ever since through Austrian private and master classes in order to continuously develop his play with color, form and light. His first public exhibition already took place in 2011 in his birthplace Tamsweg in order to make his early works painting accessible to a wider public. Since 2014 he works freelance, both as an artist and as a restorer. He opens his studio, a former apiary, in 2016 in his new home, Sauerfeld, in order to make room for his work and to give interested visitors insights into his world and reality.



SPHAIRA (Excerpt from the current catalog of works)

Hans Peter Perner's thoughts and reflections reflect the view of a world that can be observed from Sauerfeld. The (still) natural habitat of the Lungau plays an important role here: the annual cycle, along the ridges and valleys with its rivers and streams, which accompanies the artist into his studio. The view of snow-capped mountain peaks, deep green pastures and washed-out, ever-changing river beds. Subjective motifs of his Lungauer everyday life, which he changed and deformed in his work. Colors and shapes of his natural environment that shape him and rise in his works from the unconscious to solidify anew. He himself speaks of non-figurative painting that emerges from all directions through the guiding and the flow of his brushes: The ductus in the atmosphere is a central concept, which he coined in the description of his technique and work. It is a symbol that simply captivates and captivates him. A metaphor of current trends and styles, both in the arts and in society and its policies......

For him, it is the transitions, the intermingling of the colors and forms that make him reach for the oil. Also, the fact that it is a natural material and the long dry season offers the opportunity to work in peace on the begun works with its layers and layers of paint. And thereby further shaping and changing the just mentioned transitions according to his ideas. This play with plasticity, in his words "the haptic of his works", the depth and versatility of his pictures, to be able to begin.

Looking at his canvases, Hans Peter Perner encourages one to form his own opinion along the work: in passing luminous shimmering, multilayered shining or even reflections are created, which are due to the properties and the mixing ratio of the selected material - the oil. His works convey impressions and moments of calm and harmony, surrounded by an almost sacred aura.

This play with the materiality of the oil paints shapes the plastic depth of his works, which can be felt and experienced from a distance. This creates landscapes and spaces. Picturesque and thematic spaces in which it is worthwhile to enter.

Text by Josef M. Winkler


Ductus in the atmosphere

In dealing with the great Wabernden, the all-enveloping, a need for clarity and sharpness, after concretization arises. Perner uses painting as a subtle form of condensation. For him, however, this visualization does not mean an objectification of the sphere of influence that affects him, nor does he require any naming of the work during the procedural approach. The intangible, the nebulous, is picked up and interpreted in the form of soft color gradients. The boundaries blur, become permeable and open up a new depth that confronts the viewer with himself. The work envelops the observer. The artist's handwriting is revealed in the constant interaction with the gradually evolving atmosphere. This is seen by Perner as a kind of fingerprint. The artistic interpretation of a topocentric posture leads to a gesture in which not only the condensation of the mist but also the concept of origin and mouth in the duct becomes clearly recognizable. His own localization in the atmosphere as a significant factor in Perners work has the consequence that the work, although abstract, the viewer as always scenic, the nature arrested opened.

Text by Markus Steinwender