Folky Oaky Fall by Jo Van Kampen, Mixed Media on Canvas
Folky Oaky Fall by Jo Van Kampen, Mixed Media on Canvas
Folky Oaky Fall by Jo Van Kampen, Mixed Media on Canvas

Folky Oaky Fall by Jo Van Kampen, Mixed Media on Canvas

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23 x 23

Original Artwork

Oils, Replica Gold Leaf and Multimedia on Canvas


A riotous explosion of autumn/ fall colour inspired by the artist's home country, a dazzling piece to adorn any wall with 3d texture, gold leaf, metallics and earthy pigments. 
Cascades of plump blackberries, golden oak leaves, maple, scarlet toadstools, and a red squirrel all combine in this beautiful hot contemporary study, cooled by turquoise, on a grid design background. There is something fresh to find every look! Acorns, fairytale toadstools, glitter. A joyous centrepiece from England. 




Jo has been a professional Fine Artist for the last 30 years and was brought up in Felixkirk, a tiny village in North Yorkshire just outside Thirsk, known worldwide as the town of famous vet James Herriot. She lives in the English countryside in the North East of England known as Teesdale, a beautiful and remote area, which gives ample inspiration for her paintings.
Her private commissioned work is hung all over the world including the European and Norwegian countries, America, Canada, Australia, and Dubai. She constantly has a waiting list of months.

She is well known as a gundog painting specialist.

Jo is the official illustrator for the British Kennel Club and has produced a large contract of around 260+ colour illustrations, of all the current registered breeds of dog. It is being added to all the time!
They can be seen at Crufts, in the ‘Discover Dogs’ publications and show and used exclusively on the extensive website on the breed pages.
Also they could be seen on last year's Ch5 Cruft's coverage on the cushions on Clair Balding's presenting sofa.

Another element of her work involves Wildlife and bird paintings, which is becoming a bigger part of her portfolio.
Also Jo has illustrated a number of dog related published books.
Jo loves doing her art, her lifetime study of her work is obvious in every single piece, which are truly beautiful. In almost 2 and a half decades she has never had a single unhappy customer!