Explosion by Ana Gonçalves, Acrylic on Canvas
Explosion by Ana Gonçalves, Acrylic on Canvas

Explosion by Ana Gonçalves, Acrylic on Canvas

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32 x 32

Original Artwork

Acrylic on Canvas



"The abstract painting symbolizes life, dance and the movement that my body it's not able to express. That's what I am, an abstract paint... "

"1982, the year where all started: music and painting were the way to express myself.
Back in the days I was writing and composing music. I was performing amongst great Portuguese musicians for large audiences in places such as the famous Lisbon Coliseum.
At the same time painting was also flourishing in me. During a 3-year period I was working in some studios in Oporto and requested to exhibit in several art galleries. It was a prolific time of my life.

In 2007 all went upside down. A major health problem threw me to a wheelchair and during 10 years I was in a lethargic state of body and mind.
But I'm a fighter. Even along those painful years I fight back and in 2017 after a couple of surgeries and some successful medical treatments I was back in life!

In 2018 despite my physical constrains I've managed to adapt my life and get back to the world of painting. At this time in such passionate and profound way that I was able to translate my music and rhythms into my art."

Ana Gonçalves , Portuguese born in Mopeia, Mozambique in 1959. Parallel to her professional life she expresses her art through an original combination between classical style and a technical background bringing vibrant paintings to life.
After her accident her creations assume mainly geometrical forms: circles, squares, lines and dots. Clearly influenced by her musical vain as a composer. In this new creational era Ana unleashes the energy trapped into her body. Despite the boundaries that she imposed to herself in her earlier paints where her art was predominantly based on technic today she feels freer than ever.

Ana currently lives between Oporto (in Portugal) and Nantes (in France)