Enslavement by Caroline David, Acrylic on Canvas
Enslavement by Caroline David, Acrylic on Canvas
Enslavement by Caroline David, Acrylic on Canvas

Enslavement by Caroline David, Acrylic on Canvas

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35 x 45

Original Artwork

Acrylic on Canvas


Caroline David was born in France in 1975. She lives in Roubaix today after 10 years abroad. From initial training in marketing and communication, her taste for fashion and creation leads her to this professional sector where she blossoms between marketing, design, communication and image.
Her attraction to creation is passionate but can only be expressed in a professional setting: Panels of trends, shootings, creative briefs punctuate his Parisian daily life. In 2004, she moves to Hungary and stays there for 7 years. She practices image consulting in her studio in Budapest. She develops her expertise in fashion, style, clothing and thrives in the development of her clients. At the turn of a training on the theme of colour she is led to take brushes and mix colours; it's a real revelation.

She begins to paint in a self-taught way and expresses her creative need in complete freedom. After a first auction of a painting during a gala evening for a school for autistic children, his entourage advises her to exhibit her paintings, she receives several orders.

She begins to work on series and gradually, she stops her activity of image consulting to dedicate all her time to the exercise of her art. She begins with the portraits, which are inspired by the cinema including that of Wong Kar Wai, in her series In the mood for love. Then she evolves to a pictorial print from the digital era and marked by the pixel with Portraits of Andy and Avatar. Globalization is a theme that stimulates her, while troubling her in her series Past to the future, including the reading of Nicolas Bourriaud's essay, Radicant, for an aesthetic of globalization - was the trigger.

She meets Michel Houellebecq, spends a day filming with him in 2011 in Paris, and sets up an artistic project inspired by his work. But an unexpected departure for an installation in China takes her away from this very French project in 2012. She stayed for 2 years in Shanghai, met Chinese artists as part of her work and set up a collective exhibition of contemporary Chinese artists as curator in 2014 in the district of the former French concession of Shanghai in Puxi.

Air pollution in Shanghai will lead to repatriation to France in 2014, a pollution that would have led to the worst if it had remained. Caroline and her family then gain the sad status of pollution migrants, when some do not even have the means to survive.

Again on French soil, but in a new region, Caroline resumes studies and integrates the world of digital startups to nurture and enrich its business culture and find new artistic inspirations. It is the trigger of a new creative era, the realization of the nonsense of contemporary economic and financial activities, which motivates in her the need to propose new messages through her artistic work to act for future generations, those of her children.

This is how Caroline proposes today a critical vision of the action of the Human on the space which it reserves for the wild animal species. This is the theme of her latest series Nature morte