Electricity by Frederick Haddox, Acrylic on Canvas
Electricity by Frederick Haddox, Acrylic on Canvas
Electricity by Frederick Haddox, Acrylic on Canvas

Electricity by Frederick Haddox, Acrylic on Canvas

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36 x 24

Original Artwork

Acrylic on Canvas



"My lines are free, uncontrolled and don’t travel according to any form. Instead the forms are the results of the paths those lines choose to go.”

The seriousness of Haddox’s art, began to take root around the age of five. Drawing with his father and always falling short of his ability, resulted in sheer frustration. Yearning to improve his abilities, he continued practicing while his father increased his visual storytelling ability through books on Ancient Egyptian art. It was amidst this period his teachers would first predict his future as a professional artist. Three years later Haddox submitted a drawing sample to an art school. Although the institute wished to enrol him, they refused because he was too young. Nevertheless, he continued to create throughout his primary schooling winning contests and gaining the admiration of those around him. 

As a teenager, Haddox experienced art as a form of therapy from the adverse effects of moving from a Midwestern town to the Washington D.C. Area. Sequential art and animation became his primary focus. It wasn’t until late in his University years, that Haddox’sformulative influences in painting truly began. While enrolled in a course on German Expressionism taught by the German art historian Egon Verheyen, Haddox felt an affinity to this movement. In addition, he was receiving artistic guidance from Y David Chung, an artist and filmmaker who was teaching Haddox at the University as well. The sheer fascination in works by Franz Marc and Wassily Kandinsky, led Haddox to travel to Germany to further explore the artistic foundations of Expressionism. 

Accepting a teaching assignment, Haddox moved to Hungary and continued to paint while his visits to Vienna cultivated an interest in Gustav Klimt. Haddox would soon hold some minor exhibitions and work as a commercial artist. Choosing financial security over passion, Haddox took a hiatus from painting. While living and working in Oman years later, Haddox rekindled his desire to explore the canvas. This led to a culmination of colorful forms and brushstrokes that were reminiscent of his daily exposure to ArabicCalligraphy. Haddox started to paint again in cafés and continued this practice upon his return to Budapest. Even to this day, he prefers to share his creative energy and works with the public. 

To follow Haddox’s lines is to experience a journey in passion thru color and form. The human forms pictured and their dynamic backgrounds create a vibration and resonance that feels different for each onlooker. As your mind searches for rationalization, your eyes reveal new ways to connect to the overall energy of the piece. Lines, like people, thoughts and feelings, may appear different, yet somehow manage to flow in a similar direction. Sometimes symbols and figures of animals and people can be discovered by the insightful eye.