Dotted Abstract by Michael Chatman, Digital Print on Canvas
Dotted Abstract by Michael Chatman, Digital Print on Canvas

Dotted Abstract by Michael Chatman, Digital Print on Canvas

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Digital Print on Canvas



Orlando based graphic designer, painter and digital artist, Michael Chatman has been honing his skills in Art since 2004.  A student of fine art in college during the 70’s, Michael blended his skills in fine art with the skills acquired later from studying graphic design, to make a perfect blend of his art knowledge with the technical skills of graphic design.

Michael’s evolution into digital art allowed him to introduce another element to this union and allowed him to further extend the range of his talent even further.  His use of the computer in an artistic sense allows Michael to challenge the boundaries of traditional art- using technology to display images which explore the utilization of art and computer graphics to project imagery.

Michael is inspired by art and computer graphics through using them to convey to his viewers his fascination of bringing to life imagery he has seen or conceived from everyday life.  He seeks to bring to his viewers the same feelings and emotions he gets from witnessing subjects that have touched him.

Michael has shown his works at a vast array of venues and galleries in and around Orlando.  He has also shown at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art.  His works are also on display on 4 major art websites on the internet.  Michael has won 4 honorable mention awards and an Award of Excellence in juried art shows. Michael was awarded a Certificate of Special Recognition by the U.S. Congress for displaying art in the Keep Hope Alive art show in 2006.  In 2008 Michael was awarded a Professional Development Grant in art by United Arts of Central Florida. Michael has served as judge in 2 art competitions and has been commissioned to produce 4 major works of art.