Debrand by Cydney Parkes, Mixed Media on Canvas
Debrand by Cydney Parkes, Mixed Media on Canvas
Debrand by Cydney Parkes, Mixed Media on Canvas

Debrand by Cydney Parkes, Mixed Media on Canvas

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20 x 12

Original Artwork

Mixed Media on Original Blue Blueprint of Shell Oil Company, New York, New York


“Whats your name?” It was always after a moment of hesitation that I’d look up and reply, “its Cydney with a C.” I’ts the phrase that has escaped my mouth more than any other. In fact, there was a time in which I had grown very tired of uttering those words; but that time has long passed. Cydney with a See is no longer only my introduction, but the foundation of my vision as an artist and the cornerstone of my operating philosophy as a person.

A quick about me:

Two weeks after I was born in Ontario, Canada, my family moved to Chattanooga, TN, where I call home today. I was a curious child, always inquisitive about why things worked the way they did, especially when it came to art and design. My mother would always catch me gazing off into a stare of observation when faced with stimulated atmospheres. From high school, I moved on to Savannah College of Art and Design where I fell in love with conceptual storytelling and branding. Concept will always be at the heart of the things I’m making as I love communicating big ideas through the use of small details, color theory, texture and symbolism. To visually inspire is my goal.

After college, I moved to Atlanta and worked as a graphic designer for a year. After which, I returned to Chattanooga to accept a position managing a fine art gallery, Gallery 1401, and, almost immediately, realized that there was a better medium for me as an artist. I couldn’t help but realize that the moment that I develop passion for something, I’m immediately thrusted into the mindset of the explorer. I’m endlessly fascinated with immersing myself in the world of a given concept, and, only after viewing it from every angle can I begin the work. This self-revelation was the vehicle through which I realized that I can most purely express as an abstract artist.

Transparency is my ultimate goal; I want to make my viewers feel like they are a part of the process. I try to accomplish this through symbolic dictionary I have created that I refer to as “SEE, a love language.” I use hidden symbols throughout my work to help the viewer find meaning to my pieces so they are able to connect deeper to abstract art. I hope to inspire others to truly SEE themselves for who they are… When you allow yourself to be SEEn, you allow freedom for others to SEE themselves. Your truest self, your vulnerability, your mess and your progress. SEEing is the blueprint of mystery. SEEing opens our eyes, heart, soul and mind to let go, to be curious and to SEE art through our own eyes.

I hope you’ll join me as I investigate the deepest parts of myself and continue my search for my ultimate truth and highest inspiration. I promise to continue to share them with you the best way that I can. I’m SEEing better and better each day and I hope you are too.