"Illusion" by Ipek Chi, Paper Collage
"Illusion" by Ipek Chi, Paper Collage
"Illusion" by Ipek Chi, Paper Collage

"Illusion" by Ipek Chi, Paper Collage

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28" X 20"

Paper Collage

Original Art Work



Ipek Chi

She has graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University; Faculty of Communication, Public Relations Department in 2003; also took up studies in Graphic and Animation in 2008, Istanbul.

Ipek given her love for art since her childhood, later she improved her drawing and painting skills with trying various techniques and provide her own style. Her approach to art is formed with passion and she has taken inspiration from her impressions relating to life.

“ Art consist with sum of disciplines which take us apart from the absolute necessities that comes with the rules of rational living; an impulse that could turn eyes and minds to inner self for a while. By these aspects, art is a light withstand to life; a magic, and an instrument that brings enlightenment to the soul. I project things that ı’ve taken from life, through my artworks and this is the most powerful and delightful way to express myself.”

Subjects of her works include, nature, philosophy, mythology, music and cinema characters that have inspired her.Thoughts and observations acquired in life, issues of her area of interests form Ipek’s artworks.

Artist has being integrated her compositions with combining elements and figures; thereby she creates story of painting, she has collage, gouache, oil-painting and charcoal artworks and currently working in her studio in İstanbul. Also she has had researches and observations at art galleries and museums across Europe.