The Flame by Alise Loebelsohn

The Flame by Alise Loebelsohn

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The Flame

by Alise Loebelsohn

24" x 24"

Mixed Media


There’s not a lot of people that can say that they spent a time in their life
painting billboards overlooking the bustle of New York City but that’s
exactly what artist Alise Loebelsohn did. Billboards might be replaced
with large digital screens now, but the skills Alise learnt are invaluable
not to mention the views of the infamous city’s skyline.
Her work comprises of layering the surface of her materials with
Venetian plaster followed by sanding and burnishing to build up patina
and shine before the colours are introduced. In our interview with her,
Alise talks about the joy of creating art in public spaces, her company
and her time suspended above Times Square!