"Friends" by Elizabeth Rodriguez (Eliro), Acrylic on Canvas
"Friends" by Elizabeth Rodriguez (Eliro), Acrylic on Canvas
"Friends" by Elizabeth Rodriguez (Eliro), Acrylic on Canvas

"Friends" by Elizabeth Rodriguez (Eliro), Acrylic on Canvas

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36" x 55"

40" x 59" Framed

Acrylic on Canvas

Original Art Work



I was born in Venezuela in the city of Barquisimeto, Lara State, on June 9, 1980, and I currently reside in Saudi Arabia. I have a degree in Graphic Design, but my artistic inclination has always been evident.

From an early age I have had artistic interests, working with my hands, drawing or doing different crafts. I did it to entertain myself, it flowed effortlessly. Those around me have always commented that I have artistic attitudes, which is why I always tried to participate in small competitions within my community. My parents enrolled me in an internship with a local artist where I worked with canvases, oil paints, and brushes; painting landscapes and nature, it was there that I began to learn more professional techniques of using the brush and paints such as oil.

At the beginning of the dramas of adolescence, I put aside or in the background everything related to art. I just dedicated myself to studying my baccalaureate and then I decided that I was going to study at the university; Lacking the correct orientation or simply because there were no universities with art and design majors in the city where I lived, I went for the easiest and safest option, administration; leading to discouragement and boredom. It wasn't long before I moved to another city and decided to go back to the artistic path, so I started studying graphic design, I learned everything about light, shadows, colors, their functionality and interaction with shapes, later when I I graduated, and I dedicated myself to my role as mother and wife, I only continued with the basics of my career and with some other crafts in the preparation of my children's birthdays.

Over the years the economic situation in my native country became very complicated by making the personal decision to move to another country that would give us economic security, then came the confinement due to covid-19, it was there that I resumed my passion for painting. I had the necessary time to begin to capture colors, the contrast with the shadows, little by little my feelings and emotions were reflected, it allowed me to discover that I can give life to my ideas, create volumes interacting within a single space. Finally, through my work, I try to establish dialogues about behavior, love, life, religion, everyday life, nature, friendship, energy in short of the human essence of being human and its presence in the environment that surrounds. Show its secrets to rekindle the sense of art as something magical and spiritual through my work.

Instagram: @eliro_art