"Chemotherapy" by Weslei Rodrigues, Mixtures in Recyclables
"Chemotherapy" by Weslei Rodrigues, Mixtures in Recyclables
"Chemotherapy" by Weslei Rodrigues, Mixtures in Recyclables

"Chemotherapy" by Weslei Rodrigues, Mixtures in Recyclables

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Height: 30.2 "

Width: 12.5 "

Depth: 8.0 "

Weight: 5.72 Lb

Color: Aged Bronze

Original Art Work


This work of art is made of recyclable materials with glass wool for walls.
She represents a woman with cancer who has fallen out of her hair from strong chemotherapy treatment sessions.


Instagram: @rm_weslei

Wesley Rodrigues

Weslei Rodrigues was born on February 3, 1978 in Governador Valadares M.G. Brazil. Academic sculptor and architectural artist.
Specialist in large monuments.
Since he was 6 years old and self-taught, and an academic at the Niteroiense Academy of Fine Art - Letras Ciências ANBA. Academia Buziana de Letras e Artes ABLA, Academia de Letras e Arte de Cabo Frio ARTPOP. And Academia Cabista de Letras, Artes e Ciências


Wesley Rodrigues

* Federative republic of Brazil mystery of the development of industry and foreign trade n 827277970
national institute of industrial property INPI on 15.04.2008 Rio de Janeiro RJ Brazil

 * Participation as a guest artist at the ARTE & EVENTOS gallery in São Paulo SP in two good shopping auctions from July 22 to July 28 and the other and the commemorative exhibition for the 50th anniversary of the award for best designer at the Venice Biennial from 1956 by artist Aldemir Martins on October 24 to November 18, 2007.

Arts Awards

* Possession as correspondent member at the academy of letters and sciences in Arraial de Cabo R.J. on 09/05/2009.
* Honorable mention at the XXVII Fluminense Fine Arts Salon A.F.B.A. on 08/19/2010 .Niterói RJ
* Gold medal at the IX A.F.B.A. on 09/24/2010. Niterói RJ
* Fluminense cultural merit medal of fine arts in Niterói on 02/09/2010. Niterói RJ
* Highlight trophy 2010 from the Fluminense Fine Art Association A.F.B..A on the day
day 18/01/2011. Niterói RJ
* Personality Medal 2010 ARTPOP art academy and letters from Cabo Frio R.J. on 02/24/2011.
* Arab student center in an ali honored by gibran khalil gibrn recognized the plastic artist weslei rodrigues on 11/29/2010. São Paulo-SP
* Marqueses de Cuan de Bergano cultural and artist award in the city of Boituva S.P. on 20/03/2012.
* Cultural merit medal of the Niteroi Academy of Fine Art - Letters and Sciences on 10/29/2013.
* Possession in the Niteroi Academy of Beautiful Art - Letters and Sciences with the chair number 21, patronymic Amadeu Zane, held at the Camilo Guerreiro Filho cultural center at O.A.B. by Niterói R.J. on 10/29/2013
* Featured trophy 2013 on January 24, 2014 Niteroi Academy of Fine Arts, Science Letters A.N.B.A .Niterói R.J.
* 2013 personalities medal on 03.05.2014 by the ARTPOP academy of letters and art of Cabo Frio R.J.
* Possession as a corresponding member on 05.05.2014 at the ARTPOP academy of letters and arts in Cabo Frio R.J.
* Personalities Trophy 2014 on 10.06.2014 by the Niteroi Academy of Fine Arts Letters Science A.N.B.A. Niterói R.J.
* Silver medal at the 2015 art and summer poetry evening ON THE 23rd of January 2015
by the academy niteroiense fine arts letters and sciences A.N.B.A. held at the Camilo Guerreiro cultural center at O.A.B. Niterói R.J.
* Personalities Medal 2014 on 16.05.2015 by the ARTPOP Academy of Letters and Arts of Cabo Frio R.J.
* Personalities Medal 2015 on 15.05.2015 by the ARTPOP Academy of Letters and Arts of Cabo Frio R.J

Participation in art books

* Crystal book of talendo my art my life by Countess Adaljiza Cuaan. in 2011 Brazil


* Prosper international art book international art book with António Dulcídio in 2012 Lisbon Portugal.
* International art book .state of him art-artist's book with António Dulcídio in 2013 London England
* Weslei Rodrigues was the outstanding artist of the month of January 2014 elected by the AEP european academy pasquino Roma Italy
* Participation in the III saci - international art and culture week held from May 21 to 25, 2014, by ALAB academy of letters and arts of buziana and tourism secretary of the city hall of Armação dos Búzios RJ Brazil
* International art book volume III .state of him art-artist's book with António Dulcídio in 2015 Paris France