Caos by Alfredo Faria, Acrylic on Canvas
Caos by Alfredo Faria, Acrylic on Canvas
Caos by Alfredo Faria, Acrylic on Canvas

Caos by Alfredo Faria, Acrylic on Canvas

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40 x 36

Original Artwork

Acrylic on Canvas



The main theme of my work is the man.
The man with his interferences in the nature and consequently, the answers of this,
In the very being during his transient stay on planet Earth.
This is one of the reasons for the work to move between Expressionism; abstract expressionism; cubism or even abstractionism.
As for the technique used there is a variation depending on the theme or the size of the work: acrylic oil, pastel chalk (oil or dry), graphite, among others.
"Alfredo Faria improved his pictorial language over several years of artistic work, begun in 1973, in a kind of reinvention and sustainability, a poetic invention, an intuition to what would happen later: work in profusion and integration of colors.
It has a symbolic vision centered on man as a cosmic being, as a mystical being that feeds on the relationship of several of its themes, such as the impermanence of being, life, the whole, built in a language that suggests integration of various elements often of different dimensions to each other.
The artist, who is also an architect, has been filled with creative brilliance such as a central point of inventive attitude, engendering geometric associations that imply reflections of fundamental features of the contemporary. That is why the constant presence of man and woman as figures inhabiting a world full of mysteries, questions or ramblings in spaces delineated by an aura of mysteries.
His work shows a broad alternative of beauty, color and meaning. All colors, ranging from yellow to red, to blue, fixed in fast, strong strokes, enriched by the nuclei that circulate between the dream climate, reality, composition, balance and rigid disposition to work"