Breath Within Breath, Within Breath by Gordon Wood, Acrylic on Wood Panel
Breath Within Breath, Within Breath by Gordon Wood, Acrylic on Wood Panel

Breath Within Breath, Within Breath by Gordon Wood, Acrylic on Wood Panel

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20 x 20

Original Artwork

Artist Biography

Gordon Wood lives in Seattle with his sixteen year old son, Niko, and as an Artist, Designer has completed more than 600 artworks, (mixed medium collages, installations, and digital art prints).  He’s exhibited in a diverse variety of galleries, museum and conference exhibitions nationally. Gordon’s development and education in the arts includes a BA in Art History from the University of Washington, and study at the Pilchuck School of Glass and Mt. Royal School Graduate School of Art at the  Maryland Institute College of Art. In addition, he strives to share and expand his and others creative development through © EvoGenJou, his creative studio mentoring service. Gordon has also completed commissions to create original images for books of fiction and poetry, journals, and magazines, including two images published in an award-winning article Genome Tome, by Priscilla Long, in The American Scholar.

Artist’s Statement

Nature - nonlinear, complex and dynamic – is the phenomenal, cognitive, intuitive, and reciprocal ingredient for me as an artist. Essentially this is the Generative Order, from which I become humble when I try to understand, even a small corner of a web of interconnected, symbiotic elements and relationships, each of which is inter- or intra-dependent on a majority of others in the biosphere and cosmos.  In my art, I work with the elements of the natural system and rearrange them. I try not to do any harm to the source, while I hope that the objects I create let us see the human-nature experience in a compact and expansive form. Nature is the symbiosis of the flux of chaos, mystery and organization. Our rational experience of nature is the challenging element. We are the wild cards in the natural deck, put here to test nature’s resiliency. We fool ourselves into thinking that we can impose order on a system that nature already has functioning in a flowing existence. Through my art I try to bring myself closer to the source, to make my-self see the cosmos as it is, and to celebrate the energy and mystery in sensuous detail.  By doing so, I hope my audience will see it - self in a new, more connected way.  Human art gives us glimpses of the truth that art is nature.