Brain Left by Stefano Genzone, Oil and Acrylic on Panel
Brain Left by Stefano Genzone, Oil and Acrylic on Panel

Brain Left by Stefano Genzone, Oil and Acrylic on Panel

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13 x 13.8"


Original Artwork

There are many places which inspire my creative flow, however, at least for now, the most meaningful is the studio space where I paint: a former butchers shop. Where often there is not a precise line that separates reality from illusion, sometimes it is seen clearly. My paintings express that which is not visible; a thick liquid in which the background noises of passers-by sink, where decidedly still solid bodies break the line-figure relationship. An antiphonary, a factory of devotional figures hung on hooks: men, animals or others.
Genzone's pictorial research conveys philosophical scenes contextualized in modern situations. 
Carnal and poignant images intertwine and take shape in chromatic planes constructed with overlapping perspectives. Oil and solvents combine in a gestural painting creating fracture effects of the perspective that become the key to understanding his art. Fades and chromatic nuances give life to incisive backgrounds where figures emerge from the energetic and penetrating line. 
The relationship between a poetic universe and the everyday world are the result of the contents treated by the artist (don't know what this means). It also offers dreamlike scenarios visited with subtle sarcasm; figures of romantic struggles and animals are caught in their most ferocious and singular expressions, sometimes as a denunciation of the contemporary. 
Using different painting techniques he creates an original channel of visual communication that is easy to use (understand?). In the thematic research he selects allegorical images or anatomical details, human or animal. His painting can be defined as a channel towards his own subconscious that is the essential system for manifesting one's inner reality. The visual elements that create the images are full of social meaning and expressiveness.