Blu by Sara Repetto, Acrylic on Canvas
Blu by Sara Repetto, Acrylic on Canvas
Blu by Sara Repetto, Acrylic on Canvas

Blu by Sara Repetto, Acrylic on Canvas

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27.56 x 19.68
Original Artwork
Sara Repetto was born in Casorate Primo in 1979 and lived the majority of her life in Godiasco (PV), a small town located in beautiful Italy.

Repetto’s greatest form of expression has always been art in all its facets. For me art has always been a channel of communication with herself. She does not seek, she does not decide...  it just comes! Maybe that's why she’s never undertaken real artistic studies.
When Repetto begin to create my own creation, she never endowed with "an intention", on the contrary, she grants herself as an inner being, completely abandoning herself to it.

Repettos’s styles vary according to her emotional state, and according to the material she currently equipped with. Repetto uses acrylic colours, tempera, watercolors,  and charcoal. For some years she started to enrich some paintings with accessories with material inserts. As in life, even in art she does not like feeling constrained; for this reason she does not prefer a particular style, every creation is the daughter of the moment and the choice of the instruments to be used takes place in a natural way. Repetto gives herself the freedom not to exclude anything, from spatulas to chopsticks, to knives..., and in some cases she feels the need to come to a real contact with the canvas, working with her hands.

Repetto started exhibiting her works in 2019. She attended a group show at the Art Luxury Gallery in Milan and exhibited at Mantua ArtExpo 2019, Biennial international Contemporary art.
She quotes, “I think that the single creation of an artist corresponds to the page of a secret diary, where it becomes fundamental to write without prejudice, thus denudandosi of fears and hypocrisy, leaving unknowingly to carry from the purity of its.”