Ascent by Job Tibay, Oil on Sinamay
Ascent by Job Tibay, Oil on Sinamay
Ascent by Job Tibay, Oil on Sinamay

Ascent by Job Tibay, Oil on Sinamay

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34" x 24"

Original Artwork

Oil on Sinamay

Stretched on White Wood Floater Frame


We live in such an imperfect world. Yet, even in the midst of chaos and flaws, something beautiful and divine can emerge. Beauty drawn or arising from any frailty or imperfection is truly inspiring. 

This is one of the reasons I love working on abaca cloth or sinamay. Unlike the traditional canvas and other linen, abaca cloth is handwoven from the processed leaves / stalks of the abaca tree. The varying widths of each strand, the knots in random spots, and the loose open weave, give it a rough, uneven, sifter-like surface. Yet, these nuances and seeming imperfections make the creative process an exciting journey and experience, with each piece responding differently even to the same touch and technique. Sometimes it absorbs, other times it pushes back, generating a level of unpredictability that stimulates a conversation along the creative journey.

My choice to work with abaca cloth was also highly influenced by my desire to stay connected to my roots and heritage.  The abaca cloth is processed from the abaca tree, a banana palm species indigenous to where I was born - the Philippines. Every artwork done on the abaca cloth is an exploration of unchartered grounds and new horizons without ever losing touch with the place I first called home.