“Amorphous 4” By David Shipley, Acrylic on Canvas
“Amorphous 4” By David Shipley, Acrylic on Canvas
“Amorphous 4” By David Shipley, Acrylic on Canvas

“Amorphous 4” By David Shipley, Acrylic on Canvas

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24” x 36”

Acrylic on Canvas  

Original Artwork



David Shipley

David Shipley is a Pittsburgh -based artist who has enjoyed exhibits all across the country. His primary focus is struggling to translate how the human experience affects the world around us.

Born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, Shipley always knew he wanted to become an artist and cannot recall a time when he wasn’t sketching, drawing, sculpting or  painting and early on, he began his lifetime’s journey of producing art. After high school, Shipley traveled across the country and then spent several years on Caribbean isles where he sold watercolor tropical landscapes to tourists. He later attended Cornish School of the Arts, University of Texas, and Texas Tech University where he studied printmaking, drawing and painting. Having an intense desire to become a studio artist, he settled in West Hollywood, California, and studied Painting and Art in the graduate program at Cal State Poly. It was there that his artistic gifts were recognized and soon displayed in various showings throughout the state. In time, after years of prolific painting, he established a dedicated following.

Shipley next enjoyed a resounding success by experimenting with a unique combination of found objects, sculpted pieces and layers of paint which, once forged together and integrated, creates what he calls a form of three dimensional paintings, either as free standing installations or hanging wall pieces. These intriguing projects opened the door for several one-man shows, numerous group shows and also having his art exhibited in museums and art centers, as well as accepting commissions from a host of private collectors as well as for public installations.
Some years ago, Shipley moved his studio to Palm Springs, California, and then to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Ever evolving, David Shipley follows his passion and, driven to create, striving to break through, his art currently consists of color splashed abstract paintings.