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New York Art Center | NewYorkART•com

We are a large physical display art center space in the middle of Manhattan with 6 Galleries, 15 Exhibitor booths a Café connected to newyorkart•com Website and iPhone app. We receive thousands of visitors monthly both in person and online.

 The Art Center his open Daily 9AM-7PM

current permanent galleries Inside the center:
• Gallery104
• Townley Gallery

We are a massive physical art center with 13,000 sq. ft and 3 levels. We are perfectly located in TriBeCa, Manhattan at 7 Franklin Place, New York parallel with Broadway. EVERY MONTH on the 1st Thursday of the month we have a VIP Preview reception with wine tasting and a celebration of the current months 100 artists.

All of the artists that exhibit with us are shown on newyorkart•com and our iPhone app. As art patrons walk through the art center they can learn more about the artists and purchase the works they are viewing directly from their smart phones. The Art Center is Open Daily 9AM-7PM

Private VIP Access | Cobblestone Private Road | TriBeCa | 13,000 Sq. Ft. Facility | 3 levels



• 6 Galleries

• 15 Exhibitor Booths

• A Café

• Fine Art Storage

• 13,000 Sq. Ft. / 3 Levels


7 Franklin Place, New York, NY 10013

questions? ph. 917-472-9015 • tf. 1-888-9-FINEART •

questions? tf. 1-888-9-FINEART

The Art Center ph. 917-472-9015 •