We are hoping you will find your answers here (if you still have questions please email us info@newyorkart.com):

Q) What is newyorkart•com?

A) newyorkart•com is a virtual exhibitions gallery website and iPhone app. a monthly newsletter to 120,000 collectors, a popular instagram page. Collectors visiting New York download our app which shows the location and exhibitions information of every gallery and museum in Manhattan New York. The app is number 1 in the App Store for "New York Art", we are also the top website on google for "New York Art". Millions have visited the website since its conception in 2009.

Q) What is NYAFAIR?

A) NYAFAIR is an art fair in Manhattan every month through 2019 located at 373 Broadway and 7 Franklin Place in TriBeCa, 15,000 sq ft, 3 levels with a cafe, now it's seasonal in the Spring and Fall in a new location.

Q) What are the Terms and Conditions?

A) https://newyorkart.com/pages/terms-and-conditions

Q) I am an art collector or interior designer, I am interested in an artist’s work, can I see more of the artist's work?

A) Yes, simply call us at: 1-888-9-FINEART or email info@newyorkart.com and we connect you with one of our curators that can help you with your request. 

Q) What is the percentage commission NewYorkArt.com takes from each sold paintings on the website? 
A) 30% if the art work sells through NewYorkART•com shopping cart (instant sale without the help of a certified art dealer) the artist receives 70% of the sale in this case. If the sale requires a broker / certified art dealer then the sale is at a 50/50 split due to the commission that needs to be paid to the art dealer handling the sale. The artist receives 50% of the total sale in this case.
Q) If accepted into the NYAFAIR where do I ship my artwork?
A) NYAFAIR moves around from location to location depending on the season, you will receive full instructions as soon as you sign up for the next art fair.
Q) Who pays for shipping to the collector?
A) The collectors pays for the shipping to their home, office, collection.

Q) What is NYAFAIR ?

A) Our physical art art fair and our website work hand in hand, you must be on newyorkart.com to show in NYAFAIR and or to receive invitations to the art fair.




Q) Is NewYorkART.com a juried online exhibition?

A) Yes. We have a panel of members that decide the direction for each artist applying to the website and NYAFAIR.

Q) What else does the organization offer besides website exposure on NewYorkART.com?

Our artists receive the following benefits:

• A meeting with a curator for a physical artist reception with one of our partner galleries.

• The opportunity to show in our art fair NYAFAIR that happens twice a year.

• Rotated through NewYorkART•com (#1 in google under "New York Art")

• Rotated through the NewYorkART.com iPhone app, number 1 in the App Store for "New York Art"

Q) I am an artist and I want to apply to NewYorkART.com. How do I do this?

A) In order to be presented to the jury, Please submit 3 Images of your work along with your bio and artist statement to: info@newyorkart.com

Q) How long does it take to get an answer back after I have submitted my art work?

A) 5-7 Business Days

Q) I am an artist. What is the cost for being represented by NewYorkART.com? 

A) There is a one-time web developers fee of $250 to set up the artist's profile. This also serves as an application fee for NYAFAIR Contemporary Art Fair.

Q) Does the artist reserve the right to their work (If they want it removed or would like to make Giclées from the original for additional sale.)

A) Yes. The artist retains 100% control over the image they create.

Q) If the artist is represented by NewYorkART.com, are they exclusive to NewYorkART.com?

A) No

Q) What type of pictures can I send of my artwork to NewYorkART.com?

A) Artwork images must be high resolution. It is in your best interest to supply more than one photo of the work, such as a side view, signature, rear of the painting, etc. The more images you have the more likely you are to sell your works. Collectors like to see more then one image of a painting from multiple perspectives because this gives a better idea of how the piece looks when it is on the wall.  

Q) If I choose to renew my contract is there an additional startup fee cost?

A) No there is not.

What does it mean if I haven’t heard anything back from the Jury Process?

Please be sure that your art website address submitted with your work is a working link and is easy to navigate. Make sure the emails from NewYorkART.com are not going to your spam folder. Make sure all of your contact information (email, phone number, social media) is entered correctly with your submission.
If an artist has not heard anything back within this time period (5 – 7 days) then chances are the jury denied the artists submission or the application was incomplete. Artists may try again for the jury process once a month.


Q.  Is there a participation fee?
Yes, we are an art fair and a website - newyorkart•com - In order for your to show in the physical show you must 1st, be accepted and uploaded to newyorkart•com this is a "one-time" $250 web developer fee - To apply, simply send 3 images and Bio to info@newyorkart.com.
Q.  What are the available booth sizes?
All of our walls are 8’ tall drywall, whether its 8X10 or 20X30 or 30X30
Q.  Is there a commission?
No, Not in the art fair. The artist receives 100% of the sale.
Q.  Are there size restrictions for paintings?
Q.  Does the artist need to be present?
Yes for NYAFAIR the artist must be present, or have a certified sales consultant representing the artist.
Q.  Do you assist in packing for return shipping?
Yes we have an optional shipping team that packs the works for safe return or shipped to the collectors home or office with additional charges involved.
Q.  Do you assist in creating invitations to email?
We send out our monthly newsletter twice a month to up to 160,000 collector emails.
Q.  Is there artist name signage?
Yes we provide a sign with directions on how collectors can find your work on newyorkart•com
Q. Do you hang the artwork?
Optional fees, Yes we have an install team that can hang the work for the artist gallery or curator.


No Need to log in. We take care of everything for you and we have web developers and online curators on staff waiting to upload your images onto NewYorkART.com and the iPhone app. We believe in service for the artist and representing your best possible works in a curatorial way so the artist can focus on creating the masterpieces.


Profile pictures are never displayed larger than 100x100 pixels so it’s best to send an image that is not too much larger than that.

This is important: Artwork images should be at least larger than 300 x 300 pixels. Artwork images are never displayed larger than 900 pixels wide. While our system will automatically resize images larger than this, it does help if you can reduce the file size ahead of time to ensure proper upload and also viewing by the public.

Your images MUST be smaller than 1MB in order to upload, however, in reality they should be much smaller than this for web viewing. If you follow the below specs, your images will have the optimal file size to quality ratio for the web.



File Type: .jpg

Resolution: 72 ppi

Min Pixel Dimensions: 300 x 300

Max Pixel Dimensions: 900 x 900

Quality: 80 or less

Tip: Use ‘save for web’ option in Photoshop




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