Building the Center

The ground broke on construction for the NYA Art center | newyorkart•com physical space on January 2 2019 | the iPhone app and website started 10 years ago in 2009 and is number one on the app store for "New York Art", the top of google for "New York Art"

We built 11 exhibitor booths and 6 galleries inside the art center located at 7 Franklin Place, New York
On the 1st Thursday of every month we receive 1200 RSVPs with lines around the building.
Construction was delayed by 2 weeks when we found out the brace joist was bent under the foundation of level 1 and the cobblestone drive on Franklin Place, so we had to replace it.
We built a new loading dock and wheelchair accessible to hold the massive lines the center experiences for events today.
On the 1st Thursday of every month we receive 1200 RSVPs with lines around the building.
We built 11 exhibitor booths and 6 galleries which display over 100 paintings per month during our 1st Thursdays Art Walks.
To build the center we used over 260 sheets of drywall and 350 2X4s.
One of the great things that attracted us to this space was that we have a private VIP access cobblestone driveway and photographers and videographers come from all over the world to shoot models and movies with an 1800s feel and look.
Another great attraction is the "Gold Crowns" sculpture commissioned by the condominums next door to us. We have adopted the crowns as the feel of our space. Our collectors and artists are always treated like royalty.
When coming into a new space its always a great idea to sage the space to get rid of negative energy that may be tied to the space. We hired a shaman who did just that, after the sage he funneled the negative energy into a crystal and gave it to the next full moon.
We built this space from a completely raw space and we made the 2 month deadline. Our Grand opening was March 7 2019 (6-9PM)
For the entire year of 2018 our build up Temp office was only 500 Sq. Ft. on the 6th floor of the same building we occupy today. We used this office as a gallery but also to plan the construction, build and train our team, press releases and fund raising was also large part of the build up process. Now we are on the 1st 3 floors of this same building at 7 Franklin Place, New York, NY 10013 with 9000 Sq. Ft.